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One thing that I have learned in life is to accept that things are not all black or all white. Life is shades of gray and just because someone sees a different shade of gray than you do, it doesn't mean their shade is right or wrong, its just different. ~ Robyn Dubbert

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I haven't been to this forum in years but Pat let me know you were trying to contact me and I responded. 🙂

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This was such a sudden and shocking loss. I am so sorry, Arlene.

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Both of our litters were born December 10, 2012!

Bindi - 3 Red/White Girls and 2 Black/White Boys

Blaze - 2 Tri Boys, a Red/White Girl, and a Red/White Boy

I made a Facebook page and posted a play-by-play of their birth last night. I will be using my Facebook page to do photos instead of my website this year.

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I am so sorry for your loss.

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He's a beautiful dog but I do not see any Basenji in him. His ears are adorable and really give him character. 🙂

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Do you have any photos of him standing up, a side view?

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I forgot to mention that all colors can have blackish towards the tips at times. The hair gets "crumbly" and can be rubbed off. I do not know why this happens to some dogs but I think it may have to do with indoor dryness.

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Great news on the health results.

Shadow's inside ears are black/black-Johnny's are not. Could this be an indication?? Johnny's are black on the top part, going down to pinkish/grey on the bottom canal. Anyone else notice anything on their black dogs' ears?

I don't think it is conclusive about his genetic color. Reds and tris are usually pinkish on the inside, blacks are usually dark inside though I have seen some with both black and pinkish inside. Brindles can have specks inside the ears.

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