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LOVE the photos!!! What a cutie! She is definitely part basenji (IMO).

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He's cute! Love the tail. My guess is basenji mixed with lab... can't wait to hear with the DNA results say! Please be sure to let us know.

Be thankful the mix part has dulled some of the typical characteristics of a b... 🙂

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Dear Janet,
Hello from Florida.
ALL your doggiefriends are adorable! So glad to hear you rescued them. Your Soso has a very basenji looking head. Sounds like she may have a fair amount of basenji behavior too. I'm glad to hear things are easier after the first year (she has trained you well...).
The most important thing is that she is yours and your are hers. Thanks for rescuing and posting the pix.

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Oh my gosh - he is so cute (I'm partial to B/W b's but never had one).
He sounds like a hot mess. Is there any chance he can go to "daycare" while you are away?

I once placed a rescue b with separation anxiety in a home where I was told someone would be home all day. It turned out to not be true. The poor dog urinated/pooped in the crate and pulled out her nails trying to get out of the crate. After many months, I finally got the people to return the dog. Eventually, the dog was placed in a home with a disabled child where someone was home 24/7 (they even took her on trips with them in their RV).

Ziggy is a puppy and might eventually "grow out" of his destructive phase, but if he doesn't and you can't handle him, please consider finding him a home where someone is home 24/7 (not easy - but it is possible).

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Take it REALLY REALLY slowly. Be sure to make good things happen when they are together and getting along. It took me 7 months to get my 4 yr old basenji rescue (who has a very high prey drive) to coexist with an old cat. If there is a bad experience, it can set everything back months, so be very careful to set up good experiences and avoid bad experiences.

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@mcolombo1220 it sounds like Rambo got lucky to be adopted by a responsible (and educated) person. I hope you enjoy him for many, many years to come.

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@dagodingo said in Rebel! Basenji Mix:

@flashgilbert sounds very Basenji-ish lol. The other test is tissues, might apply to any dog, but I have never known a Basenji that didn’t have a madness for ripping up tissues.

I would agree about tissues, except it is not completely fool proof - Mojo actually doesn't bother tissues unless they have been used (definately a gross spin on it).

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Rambo has a long back and short legs, but appears to have many basenji features too (the head, ears, tail, coat, color/markings). He's a cutie and looks smart. Please be careful not to let him get loose in an unfenced area, ever. Basenji are sight hounds (as well as scent hounds) and many meet their early demise to vehicles. Rambo is too cute to have that happen - please keep him safe.
Do you take him to bars often? (smile - no need to answer that question)

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I think Tony looks to have a lot of basenji in him. I found my first basenji at the local humane society. We thought she was deaf for the first 4 days because she didn't react to people or sounds (not even a potato chip bag). She turned out to be the most wonderful, loving creature who turned me into a basenji fan for life. I have pulled many basenji from shelters and can guarantee that the dog you see now is not the same dog he/she will be in 6 months. I absolutely love your comment "their loss is our gain". Give him time, love and the best quality food you can afford. Tony will blossom. Bless you for giving him a good home.

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For rainy days when Mojo refuses to go out, I carry him down the block (under an umbrella) and when I put him down, he heads straight home, usually stopping to potty at least once on the way back (during which time I hold the umbrella over him). Has he got me trained or what?!?
With my former pack, I bought a small kiddie wading pool with pine straw in it to keep on the covered porch. They never used it to potty, but it made me feel like I at least offered a solution.
Tummy rubs to Rebel.

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