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Casanova - I love the name! I am so sorry for your loss.

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Lots of questions:
Does she seem to be in pain?
Has this just recently started or has she always done this?
What does her breeder say?

If this is new and she seems to be anxious or in pain, I'd take her to the vet.

My boy spins, especially if he is having a bout of diarrhea.

I hope your little one is okay.

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You've only had Pippa 1 week. That's a VERY short amout of time. You are expecting way too much too soon. If this pup is making you crazy after only a week, maybe it's not the right breed for you.

First: Pippa will not be like Biggy. Ever. It sounds like you miss Biggie. It's not good to compare.
Second: Pippa is a puppy. Puppies are notoriously difficult. Especially basenjis.
Third: You just got her only a week ago! Give her time!!! She's a baby and her whole world has been set upside down. Now she's dealing with an owner with unrealistic expectations. I'm sure she senses your anxiety.

Take a week to study all you can about crate training - put something really yummy inside and lock her outside of it! Make her want to go in. Then, try out the other hundreds of tips for crate training that are available online and in books. Ask her breeder for suggestions.

Take a month to work with her on potty training (sounds like it's a bother after only one day!!!) Again, read all you can on the sugject and reach out to the breeder for help. Umbilical cord her if you can't figure out how to make it work.

As for her waking up early and being destructive, She's a puppy and she's only been with you for a week - where's your resolve to make this work??? Get up when she gets up and tough it out for a couple of months. It won't kill you. Get creative and think of what you can do to give her something to keep her safely and quietly occupied while you put in earplugs and return to your dreams. Or, make a deal with a family member who can take her out to potty and play with her until you are finally ready to make an appearance. If you can't make some concessions for your brand new puppy, then maybe you should exchange her for a stuffed animal or a senior dog.

I apologize for being short with you, but I believe you are being very unrealistic with Pippa and it is unfair to her. If you want to be owned by a basenji, you have to be wicked smart to figure out how to make it work. Think of this as Basenji Bootcamp - it will only last about a year 🙂 and if you survive, you will be richly rewarded.

Good luck.

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I keep a bathmat (the memory foam kind) on the front seat. Whenever we go out, I put the mat in the shopping cart for my b to sit on, and on the ground at a sidewalk cafe or outdoor restaurant. He has leanred that is where hs should sit and stay (and where he will receive rewards for good behavior).

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I only know of the Classic Kong - have no experience with the Extreme. If Ruxin never tore up the puppy Kong, then I would agree with you that the Extreme isn't necessary. My b never chews on the Kong, just licks it to get the stuff I put inside. He did chew on the split antler I got him (with marrow exposed). I've started looking for raw beef bones to give him. I wish I could afford the "tomahawk" or "cowboy" steaks so I could cut the meat off and give him the bone. All I can find at a reasonable price are short ribs.

As for toys, I would get a squeeky tennis ball. It is sturdier than squeeky stuffed animals and he can run after it even if he doesn't return it. Treats in closed toilet paper rolls or even small cardboard boxes are my b's favorite - he gets to destroy something AND get treats.

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Yes, please post more pix of Ruxin!!!

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Please continue to share pix of Pippet! It will be fun to see her grow and hear of her exploits.

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She's absolutely adorable!
I've never had a basenji puppy, but have fostered over 50 rescues.
I hope she has a wonderful forever home with you.

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I do not let the vet or vet techs ever take my b out of my sight. I've been told they do this because they're concerned that the owner will pass out during a blood draw, etc. If you don't pass out, there is no reason for this. When I am a new patient, I explain that I have lots of experience and assure them I will not pass out. I find that tapping the top of the nose of my b while telling him to look at me during any procedure seems to help keep him focused. ("Look at me" is a command he had been taught while waiting for the okay to eat his food and it is very useful.) My vet and the vet techs trust me to be helpful during the exam.

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Load the cream cheese or peanut butter before you put the muzzle on.

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