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Get another basenji! Double the fun!

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@malik said in 6 month old puppy biting others.:

They befuddle everyone they meet.

Yup. That's the joy of basenjis.

She's only 6 mos old!!! I think of basenjis as being pups until they're 18 mos old (and then they become juvenile delinquents). Take a toy with you when you're out & about if necessary.
She's a baby and you've done a wonderful job so far. Keep up the good work!

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Where did Nala come from? Can she stay there while you're out of town?
I did not have a good experience with Don't do it.
Can you find and make friends with another basenji owner in your area where you can take turns pet sitting? Maybe you can find local basenji owners on Meetup or Facebook?
My heart would break to leave her at a boarding facility or a vet although she'd probably be fine. I like the idea of a pet sitter staying at your home ONLY IF you can really train the pet sitter on several visits before leaving in August (not far away!!!)

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I pulled a 3 yr old basenji from Animal Control. He promptly bit my husband on the leg quite severely when husband reached down to pet the dog... because the dog was a rescue, we had no past history. We learned that the basenji must have been grabbed aggressively by the collar too many times because that was the trigger for a bite. I decided to keep him because I couldn't trust him enough to place him in another home and I didn't want to put him down. It turned out that he never bit anyone else once we figured out what triggered him to bite and we kept him safe until his demise at 14 yrs old. Give your girl time and learn what upsets her. Shy dogs are not easy.

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Oh my goodness! It almost sounds like you're expecting to have a perfect basenji!!! I can't tell you how many times I've had to dig stuff out of my basenji's mouth. It's almost a daily thing. And, it's definitely my fault because I should be paying closer attention. Consider yourself lucky that your b doesn't get angry and try to bite you!!! (I've had foster b's that would bite if you tried it.) The worst is trying to dig cat poop from your dog's mouth (it falls apart). Not pretty.

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He's beautiful! Tell us about him! Parents? Life story? Personality?
I've never owned one, but always wanted a B/W b.

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I would go get a couple different opinions (including a specialist if possible).

So sorry your b has this! How sad!

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@morsesa This dog was a shelter rescue - there will be no pedigree papers.

Cute dog - I have seen a very similar rescue who was smart as a whip. They trained the dog to do all kinds of amazing tricks.

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It sure sounds like motion sickness/anxiety.

I had a friend who adopted an adult basenji and took the dog on frequent long distance car trips for her business. The poor basenji had horrible car sickness and never "grew out of it". She tried everything. Nothing worked, and she had to leave the dog with a pet sitter when going out of town.

Maybe it would help to get your basenji exhausted before a car ride?

Sorry I can't be more positive.

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@kayg said in Food recommendations for anal gland issues:

He’s 20 pounds and I was feeding 1 1/2 cups total per day over three meals. I’m going to eliminate lunch starting today and see how he does.

Wow - that seems like an awful lot of food for a 6 mo old pup.

I realize every situation is different and feeding can be a very personal/touchy subject, but as a reference point, my 6 yr old basenji eats 1/4 cup kibble with water in the am, 1/4 cup kibble with water in the evening and gets some treats or cream cheese in a bone in the middle of the day. He weighs about 25 lbs and looks chubby.

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