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Congratulations from another Mojo Mama! Can't wait to see a pic of your baby Mojo. That was great advice about getting him used to the dremel now. In general, get him used to being touched all over - it really helps later. Enjoy your pup - they grow up so fast!

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@i-babygirl-i said " my basenji is named Mojo too! "

Great name choice! I adopted Mojo so I was not so smart to pick such a great name. It always makes me smile when I say "Good Mojo!" or "Bad Mojo!"
I hope your Mojo is as sweet as my b boy. He is a 5 yr old brindle boy and I've been graced with his presence about 1.5 yrs now. What age and color is your Mojo?

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Congrats on your new puppy. Boy or girl? What are you going to name him/her? What flavor?
As for a vet: find one that YOU communicate well with, hold the same philosopy and who treats your basenji with loving respect. I never let the staff take my dog out of my sight if I can help it. My vet endeared himself to me when he got on the floor and gave my b the time to come to him. He also spent 1.5 hours with me going over all aspects of allergies and provided a 5 page summary of the entire discussion.

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After fostering over 50 b's and owning 4 of my own, I have to agree that they are all different. Some are better problem solvers, more dextrous, more destructive, etc. than others. It's best not to spend any money until you get to know your new boy. Simple things like the the stuffed toilet paper roll, plastic grocery bag tied to the end of a string attached to a stick (I use the wand from window blinds) and a stuffed kong are all good to start with. You will have many years to spoil your b in the future...

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Pugs have a curly tail and short tan hair with black face markings. Maybe he is some sort of pug mix. Hard to say. I don't see basenji. He's a cutie. Love him regardless.

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@abrunelle said in New to the Forum:


You mentioned you created your B for years; if I keep Lily crated for even 30 minutes she is howling non stop like it’s bloody murder. Living in an apartment, I’m concerned with her “noise level”. It’s really the only time she speaks out, when she’s crated.

I thought you said you don't crate her anymore?

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Put ALL items valuable to you out of reach! It's YOUR fault if anything gets destroyed. I would get frustrated at myself - not the basenji.

Have you tried puzzles? There are wooden boxes (or plastic) with little drawers or hidden doors where you hide treats and the dog has to figure out how to get the treat out. I used to trade puzzles with other b owners - like a lending library - to keep the challenge "fresh". (The commercially made puzzles are not cheap.) There are hard plastic bottles where you put in treats and the dog has to fiture out how to get the treat out. (DO NOT use plastic water bottles unless you are absolutely certain your b will not chew off and eat pieces of plastic which could cause major tummy issues.) I put treats in toilet paper or paper towel rolls, bend the ends inward to seal off the ends and give them to my b when I leave - he gets to destroy something, get a treat and it's easy to clean up. If you don't mind a bigger mess, you could put treats in an empty tissue box. Antlers cut lengthwise to expose the hard "marrow" are great for strong chewers and keep them busy for quite awhile. When the marrow gets worn down, I smear cream cheeze on them and freeze them (to make it last longer - especially in the summer). I fostered many, many basenjis when I was involved in rescue and not one of them would look twice at a Kong unless it had treats, cheese or cream cheese inside.
Whenever I leave my b alone, he gets various high value treats as I'm walking out. He gets so excited when he knows I'm leaving - it's like the welcome home happy dance but in reverse!
Hope this helps.

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Great pix! He's a cutie.

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I think basenjis are really "puppies" until about 18 months. It's funny, because they actually look like little adults at 6 months, and yet at 15 years old, people would ask how old my puppy was (I think they age well).

Please don't give up on Lilly - this too shall pass (eventually...).
Accentuate the positive, don't focus on the bad. If you can, find a way to take a break once in awhile.

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As previously mentioned, there is something you can put in the food to make them stop eating poop. Always be the gentle but firm leader. They know the difference between fair and unfair. Going for a long walk before doing anything that requires good behavior is excellent advice - before leaving him/her alone, before an obedience class or going to the vet, etc. Taking an obedience class (look for a local obedience club?) is good training for YOU - not necessarily the b. You might get some ideas on how to work with a dog, but the main idea is to be consistent in the way you make your request. My b is extremely stubborn and often will "pull a mule" if he doesn't want to go in the direction I want - to the point that he will back out of whatever collar or harness he is wearing. My eyes are always on him and I never let him walk behind me. (Ceasar Millan would not approve :->.) Sometimes, I pick him up and carry him a bit, sometimes we just cross the street (and he thinks he won?) I tell people these dogs are not for everyone, they are more primitive than other breeds, and they don't take to training very well, but when they love you, you KNOW it is their idea and not just because you feed them. Keep us posted on how it is going with your little one - what works and what doesn't - it could be helpful to us all.

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