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I've often wondered if a really loud (and surprising) blast from a marine horn (an aerosol can made for that purpose) would be a good way to stop a persistent dog from doing whatever bad thing he/she was doing (like jumping or biting). Has anyone ever tried it? I've been lucky not to need to resort to such a drastic measure. It seems to me that a quick/loud/surprising blast would make a dog think that the human was very powerful to make such a noise and stop it from continuing the unwanted behavior.

Bless you, doowop, for rescuing and loving this wayward little land shark. She's gotten a rough start but is lucky to have landed with you. You sound wonderfully practical and knowledgeable. I believe, if you can conquer this mouthy issue, you will end up with an extraordinarily delightful companion. Please keep us posted on how she progresses and what works for you. BTW, what's her name?

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Please go to and join as a member. It will show you are serious about helping. BRAT always needs good foster homes. A home visit will be required (not sure if that is possible at this time considering this COVID-19 crisis). It is especially helpful if you have basenji experience. Not always, but very often, a basenji coming into rescue has special needs (i.e., behavioral, medical, etc.). It is good to ask yourself if you and your family are willing to deal with that. Fostering is hard but it can also be a wonderful and rewarding thing to do.

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Zaki sounds smart and slents sounds like a wonderful b-slave already!

Trade is a great tool. Love it.

Here are some things my current b boy came "pre-loaded" with that I really appreciate - you might want to work with Zaki:
"Look at Me" - this is so helpful when you want to get your b to focus on you and not something distracting. When I feed him, he must first sit and then look at me after I put the bowl down. He has to look at me and wait until I tell him "okay". This can be helpful when you want his attention - like passing another dog on leash or while at the vet.

Not to bolt from an exterior door. I've never before had a b (after owning 3 and fostering 59) who didn't try to bolt (run/escape) thru an open door. Mojo is pretty good, but I will NEVER trust him completely.

Recall. From the beginning, I have made "come" a happy/good/rewarding behavior. We often visit an off leash dog park with winding trails. I keep treats in my hand and have a special whistle that makes him come flying back to me to get a treat. We started close in and then extended the distance. It is ever SO cool to see him racing back to me at full speed with a smile on his face. Again, I'd NEVER trust him off leash, but should an emergency happen, he's more likely to return when called. Sometimes, at the park, I hide from him and then call him. It's a fun game and way better than chasing a b!

Does anyone have other favorite things they've taught their basenji?

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Thanks for the compliment on Mojo. He does not have any wrinkles unless he's on high alert and really curious bout something with ears focused forward. Like Tanza said, the wrinkles do tend to smooth out on many b's (not all) as they get older. Puppies have looser skin in general. If Zaki's parents have pronounced wrinkles, then he will likely have them too as an adult.
I love how basenjis seem to look adult at an earlier age (yet mentally are pups until at least 2 yrs old) and then stay young looking to a very advanced age. People would ask me how old my puppy was when she (a basenji) was 14 yrs old!

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Please continue to share pix of Zaki so we can watch him grow up!
I have a 6 yr old b boy (Mojo) I adopted 2.5 yrs ago - I never got to see him as a puppy and I can only imagine he looked a bit like Zaki when he was a baby. He is a total joy to me.

0_1584309941274_2019-02 Mojo sunning.jpg

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Could the trembling be mild seizures?
I don't allow the vet to do anything to my b unless I am there.
Anesthesia is very hard on an older b. Avoid it unless it is a last resort.
A second opinion is good advice.
Basenjis are not typical - maybe a second blood workup by another lab (Hemopet or Michigan??? - can someone on the forum recommend one?) would be helpful.
Healing thoughts to both of you.

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A biting basenji is never acceptable, but as many people have already pointed out, any aggression must be dealt with properly based on the circumstances.

In this instance, the basenji is only 5.5 months old and was trying to get to an EXTREMELY exciting and enticing "prize" (the cat). The person who got bit (no broken skin! that's important) is the cat's owner (with a probable built-in bias against her sister's basenji pup - sorry - no offense intended). I used to have 3 basenjis who would go nuts on leash if they saw another dog or huntable critter. They would bite anything (including eachother) in the heat of their excited frustration. I am thinking the nip described by Jujubeans was likely done in frustration. I hope Jujubeans can forgive the basenji pup's indiscretion and not hold a grudge.

Dogs are instinctive hunters. A table top is NOT a safe escape place for a cat running from an excited/determined dog of any breed or age. It is better to avoid a bad situation rather than be caught in one: set up a baby gate with a cat door wired in such a way to alow only the cat into a safe room, or, simply never allow the pup to run free around the cat. Cats and basenjis can get along - sometimes it just takes a long time, lots of patience and common sense.

Be proactive, not just reactive. You've got to be quick and smart to outwit a b-pup.

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The eyes! The ears! The neck! The expression! The wrinkles! The markings!
He's got it all going on~
He's just gorgeous!
I'll bet he's a lot of fun too.

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Rosie's ritual sounds absolutely adorable! What a character!

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It doesn't seem to matter what my b is fed, so I believe his allergies are environmental. It is worse from March to September, but it never really goes away unless we leave town (another huge clue). He gets itchy red spots that (if allowed) he will lick or scratch bloody, a red blotchy tummy, black knuckles on the tops of his toes, infected toenail beds and black between the pads of his feet. After a very in depth consultation with a vet about allergies, we manage with foot baths everytime we return from a walk or the dog park, and weekly baths (sometimes an Rx shampoo but usually a gentle shampoo). After a towel dry, he gets hydrogen peroxide squirted on his paws (and underneath if it's bad). Sometimes, put an inch of warm water with peroxide in a dish pab and let him soak in that while he eats his breakfast (he's used to eating while standing in the sink). If the nail beds get infected, I use Mal A Ket wipes (antibacterial and antifungal) and a makeup brush to massage the Rx shampoo or hydrogen peroxide into the nail beds. Lucky for me, my b does not like Bitter Apple, so I keep a tiny bottle nearby to apply a couple of drops to new spots before he breaks the skin. I also found an equine skin ointment that smells like camphor - it helps heal and discourages licking. I only use Benedryl as a last resort. Knock on wood, we've got it under control.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.

My first basenji broke out in hives while we painted our kitchen.
My second basenji would get explosive diarrhea if he was exposed to a change in routine or a new situation (may not qualify as an allergy, but it was very serious).

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