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Are you sure it is the nail that is causing abrasion between the toes? It doesn't seem possible for that to happen if the nail is short. I live in Florida and my b boy developed a sore between his toes. I bought baby socks, applied various salves (including tea tree oil and vicks vaporub) and taped the top of the sock to hold it in place. It didn't work, but it did keep my b busy trying to remove the offending sock. It turned out to be an environmental allergy. Check with your vet.

You could try washing your b's feet after running on the lanai (or going outside), but first you might need to get the sore healed before the foot washes will keep the foot healthy. Salves didn't work - we used an antiseptic shampoo to wash the feet and Mal-A-Ket wipes to clean the sore (both acquired from the vet). Then once the sore healed, I continue to wash his feet with soap/water after being outside. My b also has black spots on the knuckles on top of his paws. I thought it was dirt, but the vet said that it too was a sign of allergy.

As soon as we leave Florida. He clears up completely. Washing his feet often has really helped - no more sores. I bought a soft brush to "scrub" his toes (top and bottom) and he stands calmly in the kitchen sink (especially if I smear peanut butter or cream cheese on the counter top :->).

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Hello Ellen!
Bless you for doing rescue! I can't wait to see those Scottish basenjis!!!

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Thanks for sharing pix of Dente. He's adorable!

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Lots of good advice here.
I would like to add that it might be helpful to take your b on a REALLY long walk before going to the vet. Get him tired out ahead of time.

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It is the owner who needs to make the adjustments necessary to obtain a desired behavior. Sometimes it is hard to figure out the "work around" and, it is incredibly easy for an owner to unintentionally reward an unwanted behavior. You can't be "sloppy" with a basenji - they train us well!

I adopted my b-boy about 3 year ago. He wants to decide which direction we walk. Sometimes, that's okay with me, other times it is not. He puts on the brakes and refuses to budge. At first I dragged him a bit. Not good. Treats don't work. Then, I tried giving a quick jerk/release. Not good. (If you try this, please be careful not to cause damage to your dog's neck!) What works for me is I just wait for him to realize I'm not going to give in (this takes A LOT of patience). Sometimes, while I'm waiting for him, I talk to him about why I want to go in a specific direction and tell him what's in it for him... people walking by think I am absolutely bonkers trying to verbally reason with a dog, but it works for us. Sometimes, he completely refuses to budge, so I pick him up and carry him for a bit. Usually, when put him on his feet, he will walk on. I noticed that if I walk to get behind him, he takes a step forward and once he makes that first step, he's more likely to move forward, When he does, I praise him like crazy. Sometimes, especially in dim light, he will stop, stare, hackle and refuse to move forward - at those times, we simply turn around and walk in the other direction because I trust that he sees or smells something that he finds dangerous.

One thing I consistently do that might help Woody is I always feed my b when we get home after we walk. That way, he has something to look forward to (i.e., going home is good!) I'm sorry Woody is taking so long to warm up to your brother. Maybe your brother needs to work with Woody on some very simple command like sit, or look at me, giving her high value treats or her dinner when she obeys. That way, she may begin to see him as more of a leader and provider of treats than someone who scares her. It needs to be brief, daily consistent to sink in. Patience. You might have to let your brother be the sole source of all good things (like treats and food) and only if she makes a step toward him. A trainer once advised my neighbor to smear peanut butter on her husband's arm in an attempt to get their new rescue to like her husband better. It didn't work.

I'm so glad to hear you see a difference for the good and that you are learning as much as she is. Yay! Please keep us posted on what works. Maybe you can help me with my stubborn b.

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I agree that it sounds like mild dementia.
Maybe melatonin would help her settle down?

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He's gorgeous - I have a soft spot for B/W basenjis.

I have a soft spot for them all....

I met Dr. Gonto - he's a great guy. He is an anesthesiologist (for humans) and had a b with Fanconi. I hear that stress has a huge effect on Fanconi and keeping it to a minimum is a must. Bless you for adopting an adult basenji in need. I hope he brings you great joy.

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I love her eyes! Such gorgeous eyeliner!

It looks like there's alot of basenji there. No matter what, she's beautiful. Enjoy.

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My first basenji in the 1990's would put on the brakes if she was in the garage and saw that the pavement was wet - it didn't even have to be raining. I pulled her from a Humane Society Shelter and when I got her home, I gave her a bath. I swear she levitated out of the water. She taught me so much! One foster we had didn't mind the rain and would put his ears back and march into hurricane winds/rain just because he loved to go out on walks. He was amazing.
Each basenji is different. I never forced mine to be out in the rain - they never pottied in the house and could hold "it" an amazingly long time.

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I got a little kiddie pool and filled it with pine straw. I kept it on the lanai (covered porch in FL). I added some poops to give them the idea. Unfortunately, my b's NEVER used it to potty.They would hold it for over 48 hours (we have hurricanes here but you can walk when the eye passes). I will take my current basenji in the car to a neaby neighborhood where he likes to walk and he will actually walk in a drizzling rain pretty well and go potty, but not in a pouring rain, and not if he has the option to walk from his house (sorry for the run on sentence). I just love the challenge of these basenjis.

My advice is to keep offering to take your b out and let him/her decide whether or not to wait it out. They really don't want to potty inside.

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