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Great photos Jess!

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They look fab! Gorgeous faces and nice and chunky. Lovely colour too. Well done!

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Hi, I thought i would update everyone on this topic. My hubby started to handle Milo last spring. It wasn't easy but Milo has been fine mostly in the ring, on the table. He still has issues with certain judges, their appearance, manner or smell. However, Brian can control his tension most of the time. Milo has and does do well in the ring and is a lovely basenji. His breeder i think blamed us for his nervousness, however, i think he is just naturally suspicious of certain people. I am just delighted that we can enjoy him in the showring and look forward to many more years doing the same. I am glad we didn't give up too, so many people do and that is such a shame.


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Our entry has been sent last week. Thanks for the reminder guys 🙂

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congratulations Julie. Look forward to seeing the photos.

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That is certainly a Basenji thing! Had German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and none would ever growl at any of us, however, Milo, the Basenji, did growl and does growl or grumble as i call it when moved from a sleepy, comfy place. As long as they know you are in control, it's ok. Any other time it would not be ok. We address it in a light hearted manner but would not if it were to be aggressive in any way.

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Great topic. This could go on for some time i think!

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Great photos as usual Jess. Maya has always been a favourite of mine and i just don't know why she hasn't done better. A shame but she is beautiful and you should be very proud of her.

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Kwame is looking great Shelley!

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It is sad that the numbers have reduced so much. We enter lots of open shows up here in Scotland since there are few Basenji classes anyway here. There are only two Championship shows in Scotland with CCs on offer too. We try to make as many shows south of the border as possible but with fuel costs etc it's just impossible.

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