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Awwww - poor girly! I've experienced the frantic running & cramming & it was terrible - scared me & I didn't know how to help. Of course my situation was different, but Trinity did the same thing nonetheless. Zoni - I liked her - she was keen on my Denver for a minute - made me smile. I hope things get better for you both soon.

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Groooooooowlllll.. and yes they are playing… Goodbye photoshoot....

snicker - I can practically hear the noise Chafuko is making here! And the good ol' blame the other B trick - love it! Your picture stories are always fun!

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Good thought Bart - you're right - seems not a lot of people know what a basenji is.

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Haha! Funny stuff. Sometimes Denver feels the need to tromp all over Trinity….

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Haha! Cute story - and yes, the dead leaves….:)

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Yes, it is a learning process… just like our own health... and you are right Holly... it is a learning experience... we are all conditioned to believe what we are told by doctors.. and Vets... but in reality, we all need to research on our own...

Case in point... my Kristii (to be 15 in December) is in renal failure.... her RBC was down to 18%.... while SubQ fluids have moderated her kidneys to a reasonable level... she was still very anemic... there is a hormone produced by the kidneys that is directly connected to RBC's. So her Vet recommended a hormone replacement.. however one possible side effect is that she can develop antibodies and if that happens it will be totally not effective. I asked a couple of people that I know that are Vet Techs in Specialty Clinics and ER hospitals... and received info about a different hormone that has much less of a chance to produce/develop antibodies... I gave that info to her Vet... she had not heard of it... but was very thankful for the info... and said, yes that would be a better choice...

By the way, her RBC is up to 40% which is up to the excellent range and now only on SubQ fluids 2x's a week and doing really well.. she has gained almost 2 1/2 lbs... and eating well (home cooked food..ggg)...

Sometimes I think some of you all should be the vets! You definitely own a great wealth of knowledge about the breed.

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It was. I didn't know what was going on for sure - I was scared her throat was going to close up or something. And to see her tail completely uncurled for those few hours - she even bellowed out a couple of pained howl-cries I've never heard before…makes me want to cry just thinking about it! So yes, please be aware of what your vet is up to - apparently their agenda doesn't always include your baby's best interests...

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