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And I suggest Debra that you do the same. To reply to a simple sentence with such condescenscion and by inserting into that reply things that I clearly did not and would never say is overkill. It is never okay to get a laugh by insulting others. You didn't like being insulted by someone in Georgia but yet you insult others by calling that expressing an opinion.

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Debra I grew up in Indiana and have lived in Tennessee and California. I live in Alabama entirely by choice. I'm sorry if you have experienced bad attitudes in Georgia, but it was not necessary to bring Alabama into the discussion at all.

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Hi IMBJ, I'm not in Japan but my son & grandsons live in the Bay Area and he has a friend who teaches in Tokyo. No word yet from her. I'm glad so glad the tsunami spared SF. I hope you and your B are okay!

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I just voted too. Good luck!!

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But it's got 2 antennas in the middle!

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He's cute even with the ouchie on his ear!

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I've laughed myself silly! You've invented a new color category with that big orange basenji.

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A firm NO BITE worked for mine as well. If you bite we will not play anymore eventually gets through to them.

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My Abbey worked a long time to perfect the door opening trick. One day her devious little B brain said If I open it I can close it too. So now sometimes when she's ahead of me when we return from a walk she whirls around and slams the door in my face!!

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Yeah, Winslow, Az. I've been there in the summer time. So hot the soles of your shoes will melt if you stand still long enough!

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