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LOL CAUTION DO NOT LIFT UP THE COVERS. Einstein slept with us….surprise....oh man, he would stink himself out. We knew it was him when he'd crawl out from under the covers, sniff, shake, and lay back down on top of the covers. 'LiL Stinker doesn't even begin to describe him and his stinky hiney. 🙂
Pam "PJ"

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For "door bolters" I didn't read all the post's so this may be duplicate info. Got a new catalog in the mail today from Hammacher Schelmmer, they have escapee deterent that I thought was a clever idea for certain applications here's a link
It's not practical for a heavliy used door, but maybe a front door, UPS, FEDex delevery etc…you could probably rig something yourself if you're handy. The "not being able to see" may help or not......the nosey nellies.
Maybe the person who designed the product has a B too ....ha ha ha 🙂
Pam "PJ"

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"Snoozy Cuddles" Mango I love that. Makes me smile. Cuteness factor, I hear that!!! My husband would say that all the time about our boy Einstein; he had ( Einstein, not my husband) swirly curls of hair on each one of his "bum" cheecks…....good thing too, 'cause he was very naughty when he was a puppy, you couldn't get too mad tho.....when the swirls match the curl in his tail. 🙂

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Yep, I had a stomper also. The little stinker would sit, waiting for whatever it was that he wanted, (that I would not give him) as he would become inpatient, he would stomp his feet and "huff" at the same time. If he could speak, it would probably go something like " Ahhh, HELLLOO, I'm still waiting!!!! I want what I want and I want it now. Look at me!!! stomp, huff. I'm cute you know. Then I'd get a pathetic funny little whimper.
Oh, let's not forget that he would also H I T me. 🙂
I sure do miss my boy Einstein.
Pam "PJ"

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Hi Sharon
Could you try a different dog food? How 'bout some plain non-fat yogurt? I remember giving my Einstein a cooked beef bone (the round ones, shank??) with the marrow in the center…...oh , my poor boy cried......the marrow made it very painful for him to go. I had to limit how much he ate. It was a special treat for him, so he didn't get them often.....that helps the anal glands for sure.
Just a couple ideas. Need daily "poop reports" 🙂
Pam "PJ"
p.s. you're lucky you can find pumpkin!!!

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Wow, I wasn't prepared for your updated post maggieleahy. I know there is nothing anyone can do or say to help your broken heart right now…..but I bet your sweet girl she knew much you love her.
Please take care
(forever "Einstein's" mom)

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Fran they are fence extension kits. The ones I looked at were inward leaning.

This one has ones at horizontal level but the ones I looked at 10 yrs ago were 45 degrees

This one uses barbed wire, but you can use plain wire or fencing

Do the barbed wire ones come with a guard tower and spot lite???? :p reminds me of the tv show (long time ago) Hogan's Heros and all the things they did to escape. B's certainly are determined little stinkers. I think I learned that the day we brought our boy home. Wouldn't have 'em any other way, right:rolleyes: Naughty and funny at the same time.
Oh my goodness Robyn, Raine is just TOO CUTE. For sure, calender material!!

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Hi Patty
No I didn't see Hattie. I need to look on craigs list more often. I guess I'm a little leary (sp) about the ads on there, never know if they're legit or not. This one, however, does legit; don't ya think??
I'll also email her, let her know I'm a BRAT volunteer and that I'm here in Pgh.
Thank you for the info

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Oh my, how awful. I hope they put that animal abuser in a cage to see how it feels. I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to kennel her!!! Unthinkable, how cruel some people are.
The way we got around putting Einstein in a kennel was taking seperate vacations. How dysfunctional is that 🙂 I'd go to FLa to visit the folks, then later on my husband would go fishing. Who ruled the roost??? Not that I'm suggesting you change your plans etc…... just that look at the lengths we go thru for our 4 legged kids.
Oh I wished you lived closer to Pgh. I am a BRAT transport volunteer and "temporary" foster, (term used loosely) At Camp PJ, I get the dog and keep them with me 1-2 wks until other transport volunteers can get their schedule worked out. I have fallen in love every single time.....
Maybe because your oldest was a BRAT and the condition in which she was rescued from, someone will open their hearts, oh I mean home 🙂 to your two fur-babes.

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Darn it. It was just a thought. I'm very very good at giving hugs and kisses, if I do say so myself, 24/7 if they want. I hope the weather co-operates for you.
My boy Einstein was 13yo and I couldn't dream of his spoiled self in a kennel…......"What no sun to sleep in". Maybe someone on the BRAT Facebook page has an idea??
Drive safe

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