Baby Gone

Jaycee and Jayden said goodbye to there Akita brother Sterling, this morning. Sterling went out to potty this morning and came back to the back door and just went down and left us. Sad still kind of young he would have been 7 on the 9th of August. My B's are going to miss that big boy that have had lots of fun.
We all love you Sterling and miss you all ready.

Rita Jean

I'm really sorry to hear this Rita Jean. I wonder if Sterling had a heart attack? Did he have any signs of problems before this?

Hi Rita Jean, so sorry that Sterling has passed on. I'm sure he enjoyed a special life with you and your b's.

Nuts, I hate hearing about this stuff. May the Grandmothers show you comfort, Ms. Rita, and you pass it on to your family…two and four legged alike.

{{{Ms. Rita}}}

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Sterling. You must all be in shock.
May he rest in peace.

Sorry to hear about Sterling - peace to you and the pups

How awful. It is so unfair to loose a dog so unexpectedly.

I am so sorry 😞

I'm so sorry to read this. 😞

Thank you all for the kind words he was a sweetheart. Nobarkus no sign he played with toy's all evening and went to bed like normal. We all know he's happy and having fun better be fast then to lay and hurt. Thank you all again little Jayden going to miss him the most I think he just loved to run and play with Sterling. Jayden was always makes sounds to Sterling.

Rita Jean

I'm so sorry to hear about Sterling… 😞
Goodbye big boy...

lots of hugs Rita Jean...

First Basenji's

I'm sorry for your sudden and unexpected loss.

I am so sorry for your loss, so sad to lose one so young and so suddenly.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I would be in total shock.

I am so sorry for your loss. Run free at the bridge Sterling.

We are so sorry to hear about Sterling. It is something of a comfort that he was so good right until the end, instead of suffering for a long time before going - the others will miss him as you will - until you meet over the Bridge.

Seems terrible now but at least you know that he didn't suffer. Loving thoughts to you in your loss.

Rita Jean - I'm so sorry to have missed this news earlier this month - I just have not been on the forum much - I am so so sorry for your loss but agree swift is certainly better than dying by inches - you don't really get to say good by - but you know that they did not suffer.

😞 Aww Im so sorry to hear about your loss. Reading those words made me cry. He is happy in heaven and you know he didnt suffer. He had a good home until the end. RIP Sterling

Thank you Miss Podhradsky We all miss our guy but two weeks ago today my granny died lived with us last 4 and 1/2 years we sure do miss her. Sterling is there to be with granny only good thing.

Rita Jean

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