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after losing kenta back in feb. i've been looking for a brindle also he died from blastomcosis )
the lady i got him from says he was a rare one but i grew up with
a black and white and got another he has such a attitude and i love
him the rodent if you happen to find more than one let me know PLEASE

you can send me an email if you would like. Id be happy to help you find a nice brindle puppy.

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So i am very curious. I have been reading up on possible color inheritance. I understand that: Y is red. y is Tri K is black. k is neither black nor brindle. K^br is brindle. D is non dilute. d is dilute. Its my understanding that YY is Red. Yy is tri carrier. and yy is Tri colored.

I have a bitch who is red in color. Her mother was red. father was black. she had 7 puppies, 1 tri and 6 all black. Father of puppies was black. Would you say that her genetic makeup would be: DDkkYy?

I also had a bitch who is red in color. Her mother was Red, Father is Tri. She had 4 puppies all brindle. Father of the puppies was brindle. What would her genetic makeup be?

How would i be able to determine what they are and how do I know for sure? And when you do matings, how can you be sure what your going to get as far as color goes (now i know its not important, i really dont care what colors i get as long as they are confirmationally correct etc, i am just really curious how colors work) Do you have to breed them to find out what they are genetically or can you tell by another way?

just very interested in coloring and how it goes about playing in their genetic makeups. Thanks! I hope I can get some extra help from all you experienced breeders.

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There are lots of books on the subject and yahoo group lists. You should think about joining them and also searching on the internet. Just about everyone I know does something different, including myself

Do you have a recipe that you feed yours? Just something that i can start out with as an idea?

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Hey everyone!

So i am HIGHLY debating starting a raw food diet for my dogs, instead of this $h!t that we buy at the stores. seems like it is all recalled at one point. I have a friend who is willing to cook/prepare raw food for my dogs so i am wondering what advice and info you have on raw food diets. Also i was wondering for those of you who feed raw food diets, what do the diets include so i can start making one. i am SOOO new to this, never have fed raw. so i am curious how to do it, what to avoid or give, and what and how to do it.


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There are alot of Amore Kennels (mostly small fluffy breeds, cane corsos, and a few other breeds) but there are no Amore Basenjis as a kennel name. Sooooo i am hoping that is a good enough reason to say i can use it 😉 🙂

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Did you check the Basenji pedigree database to see if anyone else might be using it? Whenever I think of a kennel name I like it always seems like someone else thought of it first. 😞

I googled Amore Basenjis, i facebooked it, and i zande sited it. There was ONE dog named Amore Mia. But that is all. i could not find any trace of someone having the name. So i am going to use it and hope that there are no conflictions. I am hoping that the amore mia was possibly just what someone called their dog, as a registerer. Because there is really no other signs that the name is being used. and you would think there would be more than just one, wouldnt you???

Well i will see what happens. I am going to use it until someone tells me otherwise i guess.

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I do like amore better- for whatever reason… ( and I don't mean this to offend) but when I hear prairieland it makes me think ( BYB or puppy millish). I don't know why but that's my first thoughts. Hope this feedback helps

Thank you. No offense taken. I appreciate the input. I never thought about that but i am glad you said something because that is NOT what i want people to think when they hear my name!

I am with you tho, Amore sounds alot better and i am in the process of making my website –with the new name-- and it just makes me happier to have this name. but thank you. I do appreciate you feedback!! 🙂

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Thanks everyone. Well i really like the other name its shorter and i think it sounds better. Not just length but it just has a better flow. So i have decided to go ahead and change it to


And since i have not had a litter i think its best to change it now before i need to register puppies. Thank you all, i really apprecaite the comments. I also dont think PL or PB would sound good, imo. So i decided ill just go with the change. Thanks so much everyone, i do appreciate you taking time to comment!!

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Hey everyone,

I was just wondering. Has anyone had a kennel name that they decided to change??? Is it acceptable to change your kennel name or is it that once you pick it are you stuck with it? I am thinking that my current name is rather long and with registration names having character limits plus trying to make poeople spell it out and remember it and all, its kinda making me think id prefer it to be shorter…sooo i was thinking i would change it. To something short and sweet.


Buuut i have been thinking about names this past week or so and i thought of one i really like. Its short, simple, to the point, and pretty/sentimental. The name i am thinking about is AMORE BASENJIS. Like the italian word for Love. I didnt see anyone else having it and ITs short and i like the "ring" it has to the name.

Do you think i would be frowned upon if i changed it or am i free to do it without any harsh words thrown at me? Just curious.


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I agree, well said Robyn. A very well rounded reply, and I appreciate your time in explaining the options that are out there. I am not one who advocates adopting ONLY from a shelter or rescue. I love to hear that it happens, but totally respect the choice of wanting a pedigree. I just hope that anyone who breeds for what ever reason does follow responsible guidelines for the prospective new owners, health and welfare of the puppies, dams and sires, and of the wholesomeness(?) of the breed of choice.

I do have a waiting list for the future puppies (besides the ones that myself and the co breeder are keeping.) I also have a contract that states for any reason the puppies are welcome back at any time for any reason and i highly urge this to my potential owners (i say required but we all know that people fall through loops when you say required) anyways All of my dogs are health tested and the sire is health tested too. Fanconi, eyes, thyroid, and the hips I am waiting for results but she isnt in heat yet so i hope i will get it before they are bred. Trust me, I also know how rescues are. I have rescued ( since 2008 when i rescued my first dog scheduled to be put down that day i went into the pound, and i never really stopped) so i know the effects that bad breeders can have on the dog population. Which is why we need to have more responsible breeders out there. Ones who do the health testing, ones who care where there puppies go, ones who want to help the breed, ones who give a $h!t. I love this breed. They are my world and i just cant live without them. They chose me. I chose them. Its the only breed that is right for ME. and I know this. I love showing (only been to a few so far, as i am fairly new) but i love it and i enjoy meeting new people that share the love of basenjis too and I enjoy the fun and sport of it. I really want to do what is right with breeding, which is why i have waited to find a good breeder to help me along and to help guide me as my mentor. Miah is a wonderful dog, so close to standard. and so pretty. nice pedigree and the most supurb temperament also. With my mating (dorsey x miah) I expect great things! Me and my co owner are really excited as is the sire owner. We cant wait for this litter. I know breeding is a huge controversy because of all the unwanted pets in the world, but i have been there with rescueing and if i truely didnt feel like my dog was worthy of it, and i truely didnt feel like I could do it CORRECTLY, i honestly wouldnt. but thank you for your input. I know you care, as do we. but i really am trying to do it right. Spent lots of money getting tests done, and finding a really nice bitch to start with, and getting the knowledge. (I got my first basenji 11 years ago! and i have researched and experienced the whole time!) After 11 years, i feel i am finally ready to take the step and breed my bitch to start my kennel where i want to continue to show and create loving, family pets. as well as fun things like coursing and agility, etc..

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