First Kipawa pictures!

What an incredible day yesterday! Our boy is home! I swear he remembered me from when we went to visit him last month. I can't believe how well he is blending in our home, even with our senior cats. He is actually showing respect to them.

He slept with us on the bed last night, and it was wonderful. Early this morning he scooted under the covers and we all got really cozy.

Today I make an appointment for his first puppy exam. And then a trip to our pet store to get him a little doggy coat, and then a nice walk. We are in heaven here. 🙂

Awww, I'm so happy you finally got your Kipawa. I'm sure he'll be very happy in your home. That last picture is adorable. 😃

Those toys will not be whole after a while. I am delighted you finally got your "little" man home.
Hugs and hugs to you all.
How do the kittys like the puppy?

Congrats on having him home! Very cute pics.

BTW, the planet dog gingerbread man in the last photo is a favourite of my oldest dog Brando. He loves to fling it - he'll be playing with it in the living room and all of a sudden the gingerbread man comes flying over the counter into the kitchen. :D:D

Oh he is so DARLING! Congrats on the new family member!

Congratulations on your new baby, he's gorgeous.

OMG…he is soooo cute!!!!! Enjoy 🙂

Huge Congratulations to you Fran and to Kipawa! You have just begun an exciting adventure.

First Basenji's

There he is! I see he's already building quite the menagerie of… toys.
Cute cute cute.

First Basenji's

He's so adorable. I'm glad he's finally home!

OMG he is just sooo cute…boy do I have puppy envy!!! :p but that will only last till I get home from work and Sonny will remind me how often I used to say "when is this crazy puppy going to act like a normal dog!" 😉 then again I learned a basenji will never be a normal dog!!! :D:D


Yeah..finally here..I am so over the moon happy for all of you. He is one pretty little guy. He will be a basenji girl heartbreaker before you know it…too cute.

How fun…. I am so glad that your baby arrived....

Extremely cute… Congratulations!!

what an adorable little man, he looks like he is quite at home

what a cutie pie!!! congrats!

I am silly with excitement for you!

He is very cute… Can't wait for our pups to be here.

He's a very handsome boy and I'm so glad your long wait is over.

He looks as though he's in heaven too. I'm sure you'll have many happy days, months, years to come.

Does he have enough toys?????
Seriously, I am so happy for you! He is darling…lucky boy to have found such a great home.

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