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~Daria and the gang: Lana the Basenji, Mishka the Akita, Busya the Boxer… Oh, and five Basenji pups!

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Daria..they all look happy for you…do you have buyers for most of them?

Thanks Petra,

no I do not have all of them placed yet. You interested? 😉

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Thank you everybody! They are definitely a fun bunch…

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I have been so busy with school, work, and oh yeah, puppies these past two weeks that I haven't even had a chance to post any pictures. Here are various pictures of them that I took over the last two weeks, in somewhat chronological order. Enjoy!

Meeting the big dogs…

Busya the Boxer

Mishka the Akita

Some mug shots at two and a half weeks old:

First meal out of a bowl (at three weeks old):

It does not get much cuter than that!

With my mom, at four weeks old:

And, finally! the first attempt at stacking! Maybe not the best attempt, but they tolerated it…

Boy #1

Boy #2

Boy #3

Girl #1

Girl #2

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knows if post-partum depression can happen in dogs 3 weeks after giving birth? Yesterday our puppies turned three weeks old, and Lana has not really been herself for the past two or three days. She leaves her puppies for two or three hours at a time, sometimes she goes out to play with the other dogs, but usually just goes and lays on her pillow all curled up in a little ball with the saddest expression on her face. Or could it be that she is just tired of puppies? Other than that, she eats, she plays, she does everything normal, but those bouts of sadness concern me a bit.

Any suggestions?


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Well since I now got pups I am going to spam this forum with tons and tons of pics… Not all pics are of great quality, but the little ones are just SOOOO cute!

Nine days old:

Ten days old (today!):

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More pictures, as promised!

Four days old:

One week old:

Mom and pups are doing great, pups are eating non-stop, and are almost three times their birth weight already. Lana is being an awesome mom, she takes really good care of puppies.

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Lana's pups, one day old, three boys and two girls. Have not decided yet which one I am going to keep, if I could I would keep all!

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Here are pics of Lana's first litter, as promised. There are three red/white boys, and two red/white girls.

Right after whelping:

One day old:

Three days old: excuse the quality of pictures, they are quite the wigglers!

Female 1:

Male 1:

Female 2:

Male 2:

Male 3:

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Is there a way to read the article online? Being fluent in Russian, I understand most of Chech when I read it, although I cannot speak it at all. I would love to read the article written by a fellow forum member!

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Hi all,

Thanks for the wonderful words. Yes, Lana had her first litter on Friday the 21st. It took her a while to figure things out, but once the puppies actually started coming, she was a superstar. She did everything herself with very little help from me. The whelping took a little under three hours. There are five pups total, three boys and two girls, all red/white. Just took them to the vet for dew claw removal, puppy check and mama exam. All are doing wonderful, very healthy and happy, according to the vet. Pups are eating non-stop, they gained over 60% of their birth weight already. Lana is being a terrific mom!

I will post pics as soon as I get to that. Pups are a lot of work, and with my job and school things got a bit hectic over the weekend, that's why I just got to respond.

Thanks again, and please look for the pics in the next day or two!

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