I cannot seem to find the right method to download a picture of my guy, Basenji0_1552600388268_100_2669.JPG 0_1552600437001_Rickie.jpg

You seem to have managed it. Nice boy!

That seems to have worked. What a cute guy! Is his name really "Basenji". That would be fun.

@donc said in Pictures:

Is his name really "Basenji".

He certainly looks like a Basenji. Handsome too !

His name is 11 years old and such a great boy...but was not always like that! I have a question for anyone whom might have an answer...he has started's kinda weird...but not always does this...does anyone ever/or has ever experienced this with their B? Other than perfect health!

@branch Sometimes they will tremble when they are stressed or excited. Especially as they get older and their senses are not as keen as they were. A thunder shirt might help. If he just does it randomly, then it could be a health problem.

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My 13 year old quivers, mostly with excitement when he sees me getting the leads (to get to the car.). Once in the woods, they just jump out and race free. If you are concerned, talk to your vet. It doesn't worry me - not all my oldies have done it - but a few, yes.

Good looking fellow😎😎

Beautiful pics and handsome dog. Congratulations

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