• Looks like Watson thinks there is something in that box for him!

  • Isn't everything for the Basenji? 😉

  • Great pictures! He looks to be in wonderful condition…...very shiny coat. 🙂

  • Pretty boy, trindle isn't he?

  • He looks wonderful and happy!

    BUT what is that black dot inside his left ear? (I just found a tick, no I'm not paranoid, not me. LOL we got 5 or 6 yrs here without seeing a tick, have had three on me and one on Cara this summer… more than in last 20 yrs combined!)

  • Houston

    So sweet..=)

    Debra I am with you..I am paranoid too about ticks..more so than fleas, I don't know why..but our Podengo is our tick magnet..so Pippin usually stays clear.

  • We are also paranoid about ticks! Shaye gets bumps from time to time, reaction to mosquito bites, etc., and we poke around those bumps like crazy fearing they may be ticks - so far none, on her or on us. Really worried about Gemma, since her fur is thicker and longer! We feel all over her, but worry we won't be able to feel one. Oh - back to the point of the post: Watson is gorgeous! His coat is so shiny and healthy looking.

  • Thanks guys…we are quite in love with this little guy here.

    Sharron, yes he is a trindle 🙂

    Deb, just a spot of dirt...we have been lucky this year and only seen one tick after a hike in the state park 😉

  • Very nice…love tri's, trindles as well!

  • Lovely pictures - he's a handsome boy.

    Debra - what a coincidence - I too had my first tick this year (or at least Bereke had the tick, not me) and that after more years than I care to remember.

    My husband remembered seeing instructions on how to remove it luckily!

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