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Blaze does it, too, as did Maxx before him.

It does tend to freak people out who are not dog savvy or who know nothing about Basenji's because they think he's waiting to attack their dog. We try to reassure the other person that, no, Blaze isn't going to attack their dogā€¦it's just something Basenji's do. Some people aren't convinced, though...we had one person in the RV park where we spend the winter go so far as to pick up his dog everytime they saw us coming. That dog, who started out being friendly, turned into a barking, growling dog everytime we'd walk by.

Some people simply shouldn't be allowed to have dogs! šŸ˜‰

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I don't think we can get mace in Canada, but I think I am going to look for something that I can carry in a pocket that I could spray at a dog that might attack Kipawa.

As a U.S. citizen, I know that mace or pepper spray can't be taken INTO Canada, although I don't know about purchasing it there. However, bear spray CAN be taken across the border, so you might look for that. As far as I know, bear spray is pretty much the same thingā€¦and if it can stop a bear, it can stop a dog!

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I've been using Artemis Fresh Mix to mix in with our dogs' kibble.

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Our prior Basenji, Maxx, always wore a seat-belt harness when traveling and never chewed through it. Not so with Blaze! We've gone through several harnesses all of which Blaze has chewed through. We finally bought a travel crate for him, while Gracie continues to ride seat belted in.

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Our dogs have always loved ice cubes!

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Personally, I would not have a 5-in-1 shot given. Besides rabies, there are only 3 core vaccines: Distemper, Hepatitis (adenovirus-2), and Parvovirus.

There are 4 non-core vaccines that should only be given on a regional basis in areas where the diseases are known to be a true risk: Leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordetella (kennel cough), and Parainfluenza.

Then there are the vaccines that are not recommended under any circumstances: Advenovirus-1, Coronavirus, Giardia, Crotalus atrox Toxoid (rattlesnake), and Porphyromonas (periodontal disease).

I'm assuming the 5-in-1 includes the 3 core vaccines, but what are the other two? Down here in the U.S., many vets include the Coronavirus which is one of the "non-recommended" vaccines.

Also, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) now recommends vaccinations no more often than every 3 years after the initial round of puppy shots. Here's a link to their 2011 Guidelines:

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Congratulations, Pat (and Franie, too)!

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We didn't watch the Oscars, either. Like Anne, we rarely go to moviesā€¦can't even remember when the last time was we went. We watch them on TV, however. In fact, we spent last night watching two old western movies with Burt Lancaster, "Lawman" and "Ulzana's Raid." For a particularly good recent movie, we'll spend the $5.99 to watch the HD version on Pay-per-View.

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According to Petsumer Report, all Taste of the Wild ingredients are from the US. I would assume that would include any "pre-mix."

However, TOTW has sodium selenite in it which is a potential risk form of selenium. You'd be surprised at how many otherwise high-quality kibbles use this form of selenium rather than the less toxic selenium yeast. Google "sodium selenite" and spend some time reading. There are at least a couple of good articles about sodium selenite at the website.

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