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Been away for a while but … here I am again !

Strange ...πŸ˜•

I'm living in Belgium, close to the Dutch border, but instead of buying one of these beautiful Hurtta coats
(Tillo, you look gorgeous in it !!) I bought one, also very beautiful, for Bendji in Canada. :o

The Great White North Winter Coat (size 16S for Bendji) came from "Chilly Dogs" :

So if you:

  • like their collection;
  • need it fast;
  • and don't want to bother Janneke (although I'm convinced that she will love to help you);

it may be a solution to keep your baby warm …

To all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Belgium !:)

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πŸ™‚ yep yep!! long live the forums!!!!!!!!!!

We had a really spectacular weekend, Janneke and Job were amazing hosts and I know Lycia and Tilo are gonna have some special months together. It helps with the separation knowing she will be well loved πŸ™‚

Hey there !
Happy to hear that everything went perfectly last weekend !
As promised, I was in "stand-by" just in case there were problems.;)
I'm convinced Lycia will have a great time with her new friend and wonderfull Janneke and Job; in a few weeks we have a great show with the Basenji Club of the Netherlands so Lycia can meet Bendji too !
Greetz from Belgium !

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Wonderful to see all the quirks Bendji has too !!!:D
Great series Kim, loooove to see them beasties again "life" !;)

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Yeah Tillo !! Run boy run ! Great series ! TOP Job !:D

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Well.. I didn?t..

Photobucket did!
I don?t know why because the drawing and the original are not removed…

I can mail it to you?

Oh Kim, will you be so kind to send it to me also ?
Thnx πŸ˜‰

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Mmmm, I wonder if home made food is an option ? πŸ˜•
Just a thought …
It's quite easy to adjust the ratio of the ingredients as desired ...
Bendji is doing great on pure natural (fresh chicken + whole rice + seaweed + lecithine + eggshell powder + bio yeast flakes + fresh grated carrots and parsley + Megacutan [a special blend of poly-unsaturated fatty acids from Orthophar, a Belgian pharmaceutical company]. In 45 min I prepare his food for +20 days ! At minimum cost and … it's healthy because you know exactly what's in it !:)

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Can't wait till Bendji is 12 months old …:o
Great series Kim (and Job ;)):D

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Stockholm is beautiful! I read in a tourist guide that it is one of the nicest cities in Europe.. Now have I only been to Amsterdam, Paris and London (nothing beats London btw ;)) but I think it is definitely a city worth visiting!

I did hear that if you've ever been to Norway… Sweden isn't that beautiful anymore............... That's why we first went to Sweden and will probably go to Norway in 2010 or 2011 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜ƒ (we also want to visit Scotland next year... yes.. we have something with countries to which it is hard to bring a dog :rolleyes:)

Great country for doggies !!!;)
Serious now : I contacted Lycia's Mom; I'll be glad to join you all when you plan to meet ok ! I'll promised her to stay "stand-by" in case …
Great series from Het Leesten ! Seems to be a Canon-Nikon challenge hahaha ! Job did a great job !!:D
Hope to meet you soon again with Kim and the family !

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Thanks all!!! It almost makes me shy πŸ™‚

They just are my everything πŸ˜ƒ And.. they like to be on the picture hahaha

You don't have to be shy Kim !
Great series of your beautiful beasties !!:)
Do you already figured out a date for our meeting ?πŸ˜•
Greetz !

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Beautiful boys!
I like the collars - I don't see that type in the USA.

About Bendji's collar :

I bought them (I have 5 ;-)) from Char Harding from "Around The Hounds" in Canada. She has an enourmous collection of extremely well crafted and super beautiful collars but be aware !!!:eek:
It's very difficult to make your choice hahaha (that's why I have 5 of them) !:D:D

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