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Wondering if Shango does the Barooing greeting, our Molly (rip) always did the greeting, but never really yodeled until about age 6 or 7. We had never had any experience with Basenji, would not trade our 13 years with her for anything. Love him he’ll love you back albeit a little dirrerently. Shango a fine looking fellow😎😎😎

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Good looking fellow😎😎

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Congrats on your new member to your family. She sounds like little character. As a member of the Basenji fans, one thing I would encourage you to do, get down on the floor/ground at her level. I did this with my late Molly, she loved it and sometimes changed her attitude for the whole day. It’s been almost a year since she went to doggie heaven, romping and running with many of her β€˜friends’. Honestly I have never loved a dog as much as I did Molly. 😊

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I would like to download it if possible.

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Molly is a 'desert dog' most of the year, she doesn't really like 'wet' ground. Bath? she is 8 1/2 never had a bath, cleans herself, everyone comments on how 'beautiful' she looks. When in the northwest, with the rain, she will go in the wet grass. and she loves the tall grass, guess she thinks she is back in the jungle.

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I would say he has a little Basenji in him. I hear Petsmart will do a DNA test for about $40.00. Nice looking little guy.

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We feel Molly has grown into a fine young little lady. Everyone loves her. She acts like a little princess. She has traveled with us in the Motorhome since we got here when she was 8 wks old. She has been to Alaska, Florida , Indiana and all points in between. She discovered she doesn't particularly like the water, ocean, Great lakes , anything causing wave action.

we look forward to enjoying her as part of our family for many years to come. And we really enjoy hearing other BJ 'parents' stories. The Basanji is certainly a different kind of dog and unless someone has lived with them, they will not really know them.:)


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Jerry here, seems Mollys 'mom signed on a couple yrs ago so she is in the system too. Same Molly, different member name. 2009 goal, check into this forum more often.
Molly(real name' Millika Ubei) swahili name) is 3 now, she loves playing with other Basenjis and other breeds, as long as they don't come in her yard space.I often think about adding another basenji to the family, but we have decided agianst that idea. She is not very good at sharing her toys.

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