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So sorry to hear Jengo passed away..he looks just like my boy Rickie who will be 13 this November. How old was Jengo? May I ask what caused his passing? Sometimes knowing these things can help all of us Basenji owners better at caring for these wonderful creatures.
Thank you for sharing.

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My boy has always been a very picky eater and always had tummy issues...until my new vet said to only use dry food “lamb” from Open Farms and to get ground bison . So I cook the ground bison in the crockpot for 5 hours covered with just water. Then I mix it with his dry and woal-la what a happy boy! No more picky eater and no more tummy issues!!! He is going on 13

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Hi to all of u B owners! They r the most wonderful creatures in the dog world! I lost my 18 year old girl a few years ago, it was so sad for me, she was a brindle and so beautiful! I rescued my boy, who is going to be 13 this year..he has his aging issues but people say he looks so young. I know there will come a time for him to cross over to puppy heaven...but we all love our B’s so much! I wish the best for all those who whom r helping our B’s as they age.

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They are right, Basenjis can really display anxiety issues if left guy has just leaving him at home for 2 hours...

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Hello, boy oh boy do I know what u r going through! My little guy, whom I rescued from Medfly 11 years ago was what u describe! He was 1 year old and would bite always! I have scars up and down my hands, but...and there is a bit..I tried pinning him down, sending him to his crate , nothing worked. Finally I found the solution...every time he went to bite and growled I took two fingers and wacked his nose and used the word loudly “outtt” , found he hated the sound and my wacking the tip of his nose. He quickly stopped biting...of course praising him him always when he acted normal ( if there is such thing with a 😎 . Believe me in a few days all I had to do was show him my two fingers and use the word loudly and he got the message.
It is important for the Basenji to know u are the alpha and for them to know u will protect them. My guy turned out to be a great boy and he is so smart and such a great listener!
Patience is the only answer , but I am so happy I rescued him...please keep trying!
Oh, one more thing, my guy hated the crate, I think he had been confined to it prior to me.
Best of luck and be grateful to have a Basenji... the are truly a wonderful friend!

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Thank u for your post on plants. As a landscape designer I am aware of what I read but he has had no contact with any of these plants . Just very puzzling to me. Wondering if these tremors are caused by anxiety, he was with me all day today and perfectly fine

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Thank u..each and everyone who sent along their advice and recommendations! My little guy has been seen by Hemo Pet here in so. CA, I love them! They did the blood work etc and suggest an ultra sound on his tummy first. I agree but they charge $850 for that. I took him to another vet to get second opinion and my little guy wouldn’t even let them near him, and the second opinion vet wants to X-rays first. I don’t want to put my little guy under at his age so I will ask if they will do ultra sound and let me be in room hold him.
He is a rescue from Medfly when he was 1 1/2, terrible little guy then, he’d been mishandled and attack me many times the first couple of years. He truly has turned out to be a great boy now but not doing well with these on and off trembling and etc. Really strange, he was completely fine no grass eating no throwing up and ate and pooped fine and no trembling! Could be seizure’s but I don’t know.
I will rethink the solution and see if new vet will do ultra sound first. Thank u all again! 🙂

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Really has nothing to do with weather, living in So CA is very mild. Just can’t seem to tell what this is about , hoping a Basenji person may know:)

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I have a 12 year male Basenji, he has been trembling a lot and on these days he doesn't want to eat. I have taken him for blood work and poop and all is fine. The vet thinks the trembling is because he is in some kind of pain. Vet wants to do full body xray and then an ultra sound on his stomach...$$$$$
When these trembers come on he eats a lot of grass, throws up and has diarrhea.
Also, he will not allow the Vet or Tech's do do either of these even when muzzled~ so they want to use anesthesia.
PLEASE, I love this little guy but unsure of what to do!

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Hi, not on facebook or instagram.Can u tell me why toes had to be removed?

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