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Hello, this is such a sad situation, both for you and the little Basenji girl. Let me tell you, it takes special people to have a story was that rescued my boy from a Basenji rescue, he was 1 1/2 years old, seemed pretty normal until I got him home. I had another Basenji at the time, from the same rescue. The behavior you describe is almost identical to my boy...oMG it took 2 years to turn this little guys head around to trusting me or anything/or anyone! It was like a switch would flip on and he became a lethal weapon!! I did learn that sometimes the food we give our B's is not correct for them and I had to test different "grain free" foods on him. I now found a great freeze dry food by Dr. Marty's, on line only and quite expensive. Anyways, all my patience has been a huge reward! My other girl passed away 1 1/2 years ago at 18...and now I have only my boy, he is now 11yrs, and OMG what a great boy he is...but it did not come easy for me and he attack and bit me so many times. others have said, these kids come with their own set of is our responsibility to help them figure things out if they are going to be a house companion. I am so sorry you could not find the right trainer ( i am one) that could have been familiar with this breed...I truly hope this little girl finds a home soon. 🙂

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I have an 11 yr old B and go to the dog park off of Oso, very friendly guys likes it!

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Wow...I agree, trim those nails they can be very dangerous to your other dog. My guy just never made friends with my Basenji mix, I brought him into our pack when he was 1 1/2 yrs old...and a real bully to me also. But...over time he got better, but just never wanted to be 2nd to another dog.

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Hi, such cute stories and sounds these unusual guys & gals can make...all normal. I am curious what a "ring bone" is and what type it is and where to get guy is 11 yrs old and doesn't take much to chewing or playing with anything.
Thank you!

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Ok, a little different method, but worked on both my B's. Two things, a "no-slip" collar, which was recommended to me by the Basenji rescue, and a leash that snaps around your waist by Kong, both of these will help!

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His name is 11 years old and such a great boy...but was not always like that! I have a question for anyone whom might have an answer...he has started's kinda weird...but not always does this...does anyone ever/or has ever experienced this with their B? Other than perfect health!

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I cannot seem to find the right method to download a picture of my guy, Basenji0_1552600388268_100_2669.JPG 0_1552600437001_Rickie.jpg

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My guy Rickie has always been picky, but eventually will eat. My opinion is that Basenji's are not "food hounds"

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Ahhh..such great questions, good for you! Me, myself and I have owned many different breeds, but my ALL time favorite is the Basenji!! But you need to know that they are not for everyone, they are everything you have read about and MORE! Yes, they are real BRATS as little B's, but once you get thru the terrible 2's etc., they are really great!
Yes, they will and can destroy everything in their path, or not in their path because B's believe everything is their's..really they do.
I have rescued 2 and now only have one, Rickie, and believe me when I say he was a terrible guy at 1 1/2to about 5 years old. He is now 11 and what a GREAT guy he has become. I taught him early "those important Basenji rules" and this breed needs to know you are the master. Personally, I don't believe in crating, there have been terrible stories about Basenji's pulling out their teeth trying to get baby gates do/don't work sometimes.
Do you have young children ( toddlers), please be aware that B's want to "NIP" and this may not be comfortable for you or the child. Yes, they can escape anything..anything! There is a collar called "the no-slip collar" which most are familiar with and I was advised to use ( which I have) on my B's. The B's little neck is the same size as there head ( width) so they can easily slip from a collar or a harness, which they cannot in the no-slip collar.
I really hope you get the breed you love...and if it is a Basenji, you and your family will be consistent and loving long enough to see and experience the wonders of this truly unique dog. 🙂

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Did you find a home for her? I reside in So. Orange county and I adore Basenji's, I have Rickie whom I adopted at 1 1/2 yr's old, he is now 11 and such a sweet guy! Please let me know as I may be interested in adopting and spoiling your girl!

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