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go back to the basics, like you're potty-training for the first time. dogs are often potty-trained in their own house, but can't apply that behavior to all houses. keep in her crate for awhile, take her out, if she goes, praise and reward her with a bit of freedom. if she doesn't, she goes back to her crate and you try again later. also, don't let her have free reign of the house until she's reliable in your house. keep her in sight until you're sure she knows what the routine is and where the appropriate place to go is. good luck!

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positive vibes sent your way… and i'm sure kipawa will be doing all he can to comfort you as well. hoping for a quick recovery!

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i think the people getting the "third degree" are the people who haven't purchased the pup yet. the people on this forum are trying to prevent them from perpetuating the problem of BYBs by buying from them, and trying to prevent them from future suffering with a dog with major health issues. they are trying to protect people before they purchase the pup.

for all the people who come here and introduce their new dog, they are usually asking about breeding because a lot of the dogs are actually related. if the dog does not have testing, they simply let new people know about how they can get the testing done for themselves. to my knowledge, no one has ever implied that people with poorly-bred dogs don't belong here and should never come back. nor have i seen anyone shunned because their dog came from a less-than-ideal background. please try looking at posts and giving people the benefit of the doubt that they do not have any ulterior motives. they are simply to trying help out new owners and to help out the breed as a whole.

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please remember that ppl here are trying to make sure new owners are sure of the health risks and heartaches associated with fanconi and other health disorders that could be avoided by buying from responsible breeders. i bought my pup from a no-win situation in a petstore - super-discounted and an un-socialized biter. i was fully aware of what i was doing and felt a little guilty for it, but there was no way any family in their right mind would buy that dog (thus the major discount). when i joined the forum i received no terrible treatment for my ill-gotten little princess, just a reminder of the health testing that i should do as a responsible mom. i think you are over-analyzing the responses you received when you first joined. please remember that ppl are just making sure that you are not perpetuating the problem by senselessly breeding and are trying to help you out by making sure everyone knows about potential health issues so that they can address them early on if they see symptoms or signs. let's not discourage any new member from learning about all the joys and tribulations that basenjis have to offer, well-bred or not.

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my suki is a year and a half and still a velcro dog… wherever i am, she's right there underfoot. she even sits on my feet while i was dishes. you'll get used to it! and the dog and cat will get used to each. mine are going through this process now, and after about a week, they liked interacting. the cat lets suki know when he's had enough together time.

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suki will continually paw at my hands to get me to do this… she stands and i very lightly rub her belly. and when i stop, she starts the pawing again. and she's so persistent, and those little nails hurt... so i must obey.

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That girl was an awful thief if you turned your back, and she just loved to drink out of anyone's cup if they were foolish enough to place it within easy reach. Never did cure her of that, but she never bit anyone over food. She would go away grumbling (doggy swearing) when she was discovered and her "loot" reclaimed by its rightful owner, however.

that's suki's behavior, exactly!

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suki has only needed it done twice (she's a year and a half) and i notice because she starts scooting her butt on the floor. i take her to the groomer's and get her a bath and nail clip, and anal gland expression is just part of the deal.

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when suki was about 16 mos.,.

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love those photos. the deerhound pic is awesome… it seriously looks like a computer-made evil beast!!

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