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As long as her eyes are alright that is awesome! she is a cute little girl!

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Oh that is going to be hard to tell the boys. You sound very intelligent and informed with this situation, I'm sorry it had to take such a negative turn but it will all work out in the end! Good luck and please keep us posted on you and your family's quest for a B. It is unfortunate that Mary Beth will get $100 free in all this, hope she get's a paper cut counting it!

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The only mistake made is Mary Beth Weiss is a bad breeder that gives wonderful breeders bad names. A good breeder breeds for the love of the breed and not the love of an easy buck. I am glad you still want to get a Basenji, what a wonderful breed! I am sure that you will find a good breeder on this forum that is near you. This is a good time of the year to find breeders with puppies but puppies are usually spoken for in a way due to the fact this breed only has one breeding season, for the most part. I understand your desire for a puppy and not an older dog…I have adopted older dogs from the "pound" and that is a good thing to do but sometimes you just want a puppy. Look into BRAT, a good Basenji rescue group and sometimes good breeders (who usually show dogs as well) have older dogs they would like to place in their "forever home" don't give up!

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Please "JJUDS" do not get a puppy from a BYB (back yard breeder) such as this Mary Beth Weiss. A responsible breeder is the only way to go. A responsible breeder will not take a deposit due to the fact that life has a way of changing your plans, no real breeder will make you take a dog you can't have. A responsible breeder does all the health testing required on the parents before the breeding actually occurs to help bring healthy pups into this world. A responsible breeder builds a relationship with those who are going to take one of their loved ones home. This means they are always available for questions or advice. A responsible breeder will not let a Basenji pup go to a new home at 8 weeks to someone who has never had a dog of this breed before because they are "special" and require additional time for proper training, socialization and such. I personally waited a year before getting my B, as has others…we spend the time educating ourselves and preparing for this addition to our families...much like the upcoming arrival of a baby. Please, please, please make the right choice when getting a new Basenji...they are not a Lab or Chihuahua!

I hope I didn't spout too much! Congratulations on choosing to bring a Basenji into your family, just choose the right breeder.

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Oh so cute…they really do try and fit anywhere!

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Kwame is so funny!

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Welcome to the forum. I would love to get my girl in one of those coats…ha cute.

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Exactly, I agree with Lisa… the hardest part is to talk them into taking it easy. However, that said, I very, very rarely use any medication for pain on a Spay or Neuter. I would rather they feel a bit of pain to slow themselves down. (After the first night) I think you will find in 3 or 4 days you would not even know that she had a surgery.

Thank you Pat…very comforting to know she will bounce back in a few days or so.

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Hello Everyone!

I am wondering if anyone in my area can recomend a good vet who has experience with Basenjis.

I live in Des Moines and would like to see someone in the South King county/ Pierce county area.


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I did not know if you would be bringing in the new dog close to when she is having surgery. If you are I would make sure she is completely over her surgery as she will not feel well and I think it would not be good to bring in another dog during this time.


We are planning to have it done a little bit after he arrives. I am hoping to let them have a month or so together first to start bonding. How long will she need to recoup? She is my first female dog and I am not as knowledgeable about this side of things.

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