Sunny pictures

I have some more pictures 😃

Love all the photos, but especially the James & Buana photo and Enya yodeling (too cute and great capture)!!

As always a bunch of beautiful pictures - love some of those funny faces they made. The cat one is especially great - I guess because I have one dog who is really trying to be buddies with our old girl cat, who hates both dogs with a passion. They are scared of her, but Shaye keeps trying to lay up against her while she's sleeping. When the cat notices and wakes up, it's batting practice all over Shaye's nose.

I love your crew 🙂

Another great group of pictures! Basenjis can always find a place where there is sun. 🙂

I love the last two of Enya… She shows some spunk! All of them really do capture the essence of your family- very enjoyable!

I love the yodeling picture!

nice pix and camera…love the ones with your son, and the cat ones, im tryin to slowly introduce mine to a cat who scratches at my boy ,but hasnt got him yet

More great pictures! I also love the yodel. 🙂

Great pictures Kim! That yodeling pic is priceless of course.. too cute!

All your kids are beautiful, canine, feline, human….great photo set.

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