• Hi!
    After enjoying so many great pictures on this forum, I decided to contribute as well. Here are some pictures of my Basenj, Tosca. Hopefully I can upload them ok.

    The first two is the reason why I was anxious to take down my Christmas tree this year. I had to move the couch by the computer desk to have enough room, and Tosca was constantly climbing up and stealing pens…what a little brat 🙂


  • Here is one more…

    She always falls asleep sitting up like this...then if you come over and pet her she just falls into you...so sweet 🙂


  • Oh, and a quick question, how do you post pictures so people don't have to click on them, so that they just pop up when someone reads your post?

  • So cute! she falls asleep sitting up??? h aha ha.
    your pics do pop up automatically.. i didnt' have to click on anything…

  • When you first posted them, they did come up as little do-hickeys that needed to be clicked on, but when I got out of the site and came back, they opened right up in the thread. So, whatever you did, worked!!

    {Did that make any sense at all?}

  • thanks! I am glad they worked, now that I go back in they work for me too. The only thing is, I didn't do anything….so I have no idea why it works now??Oh well, I am just glad it does 🙂

    Yeah, she kind of nods off when she falls asleep like that. Her hed will bobble up and down and suddenly she will wake herself up 🙂

  • Awe very cute, thank you for sharing

  • Basenjis can fall asleep in the weirdest positions ever! Dallas will sometimes sleep with his head just hanging off the sofa & his legs in the air. I just don't see how he is comfortable! lol

    She is so beautiful! Keep the pictures coming! 🙂

  • Where did this pretty girl come from?

  • She so pretty…and sneaky! Love the one of her sleeping sitting up!

  • We got her from the Dubuque Regional Humane Society. I don't know much about her history, other than before coming to Dubuque she had been in Monterey, CA. She has Humane Society tags from both Dubuque and Monterety, and all Dubuque was able to tell me was she was surrendered because of owners moving. So much of her life is a mystery. She does have a tatoo on her belly, I think its the female sign. We don't know if that is a breeder thing or what? The humane society thought she was 4, the vet thought 2 when we got her a year ago. However, she really has been a wonderful dog. Definitely a typical basenji, getting into mischief, yet she is also very loving and cuddly.

  • Cute Pictures. Our Trixie falls asleep like that when you pet her. Makes me laugh everytime!!

  • awwwwww! how cute he falls asleep sitting! thats… welll unique and sooo adorable awww ad second last pic of post 1 ith his paw over his head! soooooo cuuuute!!

  • Thanks! Yeah she is always scratching her eyes like that, its so cute! Especially when she wakes up she does that a lot, along with stretches. Unfortunately I think its because of allergies, but she doesn't look too uncomfortable, at least not in winter. If she appears to be in spring I will ask the vet about it, as she was scratching a lot more last summer than she does now.

  • poor dog… though i gess u made good use of the allergies with perfect picture time 😛 I hope its not too much, best of luck at the vets Tosca!

  • My boy has grass or some type of tree allergy issue.
    I get him on benadril 2-3 times a day and it keeps him from itching and
    getting hot spots.
    What are you feeding your basenji? If I can ask.

  • OMG!! What a CUTE girl!! 😃

  • Very cute Tosca is! I love the one of her sit/sleep position. Like she's fake guarding, ready to pounce and alert - no matter what! 🆒

  • I know a lot of people think its not good, but I do a combo of science diet and purina beneful. She does well on it, and likes it a lot. She was on science diet when we picked her up, and the vet recommended it as well, but then we also decided to add in the Beneful. Like I said, it may not be the absolute best, but she does very well on it. I don't think her allergies are related to food, as other than scratching her eyes occasionally she has no other reactions, and I am not even sure its allergies. I just have my suspicions because she did it a lot more in summer/spring and hardly does it now. Plus she sneezed a little more then too, although nothing bad. I can relate, I get the same way that time of year 🙂 Like I said, if she seems uncomfortable this spring I will ask the vet about it. She was very new to us last spring, and she is my first dog so I was a bit inexperienced. She is just fine now though, in winter, although I bet she is hoping for warmer weather to be able to get back into a normal walking schedule!

  • Sorry, I have to disagree. Bad food causes issues in your dog and good food doesn't!
    She might be coping on the food your feeding her, but add that extra stresser in the air/ground, she starts itching.
    Beneful is not a good food.
    I won't go into the "stuff" in it that dogs don't need, but you need to get her off of it.
    I have to tell you, you will spend less on cheap, crummy food and more at the vet, and have a dog with "issues" or you spend more at the dog food store and your dog doesn't go to the vet or have "issues".
    Its totally up to you as you have the $$ and the car.
    I hope you will be open to improving your dogs diet and see if some of the things that are bothering her go away.
    Sorry to sound so harsh, but the dog can't tell you what we have learned over years of basenji ownership.

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