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Last night we went over to visit a friend who just got a rescue mini doxie puppy. Trip is about 4 1/2 months old and they also have Pax, a rescue German Shepherd who is about 3. Eli had a blast wrestling with little Trip. Since E has always been the baby I was pleasantly surprised that he got along so well with the puppy.

He and Pax had one snarky moment. Eli was leading the B500 with Pax hot on his tail. She couldn't catch Eli, so after about 3 laps Pax got smart and doubled back instead of just finishing the circle. It was dark and there was almost a head on collision. I think it scared both of them, but they were over it in about 2 seconds and were off again.

The funniest thing is that they have a huge terraced fish pond. It was dark and Eli went flying up and jumped on the wall…..right over into the pond. Needless to say he was one VERY unhappy boy!:eek:

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It looks like everyone had a wonderful time….great pictures!!

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I guess I'm really lucky to have room for Eli to run. It's too bad that everyone lives so far away. You'd be more than welcome to come over to play!

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Hi and welcome! I love the picture 🙂

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He's a very handsome young man!

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What a sweet little girl.

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I'm sorry to hear about the affected results.

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I'm glad it got there safely and was usable.

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