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Well, you definitely have a valid point. I think the message is: "consistency." I think that is what we can expect when we get dogs from reputable breeders. That said, I have two rescue dogs and two breeder dogs. I love them all the same and I may favor my rescued dogs because of the hardships they endured prior to living with me, but the truth is, I can only trust my breeder dogs with, say, little children, etc. because I know the rescued dogs have unknown histories and dislike children and can behave very unpredictably.

All these dogs are worthy of love and we need to rescue and need to keep breeding, but we need to have realistic expectations either way.

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If any of you have followed my journey to cure my older Basenji lady of her seizures, she had been perscribed Phenonbarbital, but I couldn't keep her on "therapeutic" levels because she was too doped up and wasn't herself. I finally found a great vet after a lot of searching and she prescribed Zonisamide which (so far) has worked great: no "dopiness" and NO seizures! I will say this much: my little girl is definitely a Senior (between 12 - 14 years old) and she may have a tumor or some other condition. That said, I don't want to put her under the knife and her current quality of life is fantastic: she is sassy and bosses her junior Basenji boys and naps and play as she pleases. The occasional seizures she has suffered have been about once a month for the past year and they last about 2 minutes. Since she's been on the Zonisamide, she has had no seizures and no side affects. I am not saying this is a cure-all, I am just saying this drug was never mentioned to us when she first started having seizures and for us it has been a blessing.

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Hand feeding such as treats? All the "kids" get fed at the same time and he gives his boy his bowl and I give mine theirs. Then, he feeds his boy his treats by hand. Is that what you meant?

By the way, your pack looks a lot like mine! Beautiful!

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Hi, everyone.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a unique problem. I am visiting my brother for a few weeks over the summer with my two Basenjis. He has a Basenji boy (neutered) that is almost 18 months old and has been with him for about 7 months now. He had a heck of a time getting him to bond with him to begin with (I think he may have been mis-handled by a male at some point and always seems to prefer women.) That said, now that we have arrived (about two weeks ago) I think we have confused the poor little boy and although he gets along very well with his cousins (an older Basenji matriarch female and a 3 year old male), he seems to want more to do with us than my brother.

Anyway, I hate this because my brother has done such hard work and brought him a long way and now he won't come to him when called and will barely accept treats from him, much less petting, etc. We try to sometimes walk them separately, I walk and feed mine and he walks and feeds his and we all keep them separated at night (brother w/ his and me w/ mine.) But, in addition to this what would you recommend so that he can get back to his behavior before we arrived?

ANY advice would be welcome and appreciated. We will be here a few more weeks and I want this to work for everyone! I don't think it's so much about me as it is about the little guy being part of his new pack. What do you think?



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I have had a similar problem with my (11-13? Y/O) Basenji female, Zeenie. She isn't blind but I know her vision isn't good. I know her blood sugar was somewhat abnormal at her last blood test, but like your dog, it was right after a seizure and I understand that is to be expected. Her first seizure was this past August and she has been to the vet several times for testing, etc. since. There is no conclusive diagnosis but 1/2 the dose of a 32.4 mcg pill of Phenobarbital twice daily (given religiously at 12 hour intervals) seems to eliminate the seizures altogether (knock on wood.)

I don't know what our next step is. I know I don't want any thing invasive, but I also can't afford an MRI: maybe an EEG or CT scan? If there is anyone else out there with advice, that would be welcome.

Anyway, if you need support or just want to vent or brainstorm together, please let me know. I am in NC in the US (EST.) and maybe we can exchange phone info later.

Best of luck to you. I know how you feel.


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Thank you, all, for the compliments!
Ty's registered name is Apex Tyvola. He just turned 3 and is recently retired from the show ring. Zeenie is between 11 & 13 and is a BRAT dog originally found in Illinois: I've had her 9 years now and she is an angel (w/ horns, occasionally:rolleyes:)

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Chipped but no collar. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond but she is still missing…

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PS: I apologize that the last message was exclusively in German: no offense meant. It was for Elysium and I am happy to translate for those that are curious about the content. It was about a horse I had named Zuri (same as one of her Basenjis names) as well as asking where she lives, how many Basenjis she has, I have, etc. I meant no disrespect to anyone and will try to learn how to send messages more accurately in the future: I am new! Thanks! Lauma

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Wo wohnen Sie und wie viele Basenjis haben Sie? Ich habe nur die zwei aber Ich habe auch ein Spitz (American Eskimo) und ein Labrador/Beagle von den Amerikanischen Autobahn (laetztes jahr gefunden.) Alle sind ganz suess und sind gute Freunde geworden.

Ich schicke ein bild von Zuri das Pferd in naechsten E-post. Er ist ein Oldenburger.


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Hello, all and thank you for the compliments!

Yes, it is a lovely soft bed available at Costco (they look like miniature sofas) for about $ 20.00 each. We have two but Zeenie (Zenta) will not share (as the picture depicts: she was trying to squeeze Ty out when I took it) As for the other two dogs, somehow all four are able to work it out: two w/ mom and dad and two on the "sofas". 4 dogs and somehow it works: all are the love of my life but especially Zeenie (Zenta) my Senior Basenji Rescue Lady. She is somewhere between 11 & 13 now (I have had her for 9 years) and she is the best friend I have ever had.

It's wonderful to have such an international forum as Elysium (Dani?) says! UK, GE and USA!

I hope to talk to you all soon!


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