• I am attaching images of my two Basenjis: one is a show picture of Ty and one is a picture of him with my matriarch female BRAT dog, Zeenie. I will post more pictures of the rest of the pack later… 🙂

  • I do love the black and whites :o
    And pics of old dogs! So cute…

    Looking forward to the rest of the pack 😉

  • You have a dog named Zuri: I used to have a horse named Zuri!

    Sie sind Deutsch, Elysium? Ich bin in Bad Godesberg (bei Bonn) geboren und auch erwachsen aber auch in USA und Oesterreich.

    Anyway, my older Basenji lady is sassy and wonderful. I have two other dogs besides the Basenjis: an American Eskimo (Spitz) and a Labrador/Beagle mix (found on the Highway.) All are wonderful.

    Alles Gute!


  • Lovely pics of Ty and Zeenie

  • @Lauma:

    Sie sind Deutsch, Elysium? Ich bin in Bad Godesberg (bei Bonn) geboren und auch erwachsen aber auch in USA und Oesterreich.

    😃 Wow - echt interessant, wen man in so einem "internationalen" Forum trifft!
    Bonn ist gar nicht so weit von uns weg. Freunde studieren da.


    Do you have a photo of your horse, too? 😉

  • They both look great together and looks to me like a lovely soft bed.

    Rita Jean

  • Hello, all and thank you for the compliments!

    Yes, it is a lovely soft bed available at Costco (they look like miniature sofas) for about $ 20.00 each. We have two but Zeenie (Zenta) will not share (as the picture depicts: she was trying to squeeze Ty out when I took it) As for the other two dogs, somehow all four are able to work it out: two w/ mom and dad and two on the "sofas". 4 dogs and somehow it works: all are the love of my life but especially Zeenie (Zenta) my Senior Basenji Rescue Lady. She is somewhere between 11 & 13 now (I have had her for 9 years) and she is the best friend I have ever had.

    It's wonderful to have such an international forum as Elysium (Dani?) says! UK, GE and USA!

    I hope to talk to you all soon!


  • Wo wohnen Sie und wie viele Basenjis haben Sie? Ich habe nur die zwei aber Ich habe auch ein Spitz (American Eskimo) und ein Labrador/Beagle von den Amerikanischen Autobahn (laetztes jahr gefunden.) Alle sind ganz suess und sind gute Freunde geworden.

    Ich schicke ein bild von Zuri das Pferd in naechsten E-post. Er ist ein Oldenburger.


  • PS: I apologize that the last message was exclusively in German: no offense meant. It was for Elysium and I am happy to translate for those that are curious about the content. It was about a horse I had named Zuri (same as one of her Basenjis names) as well as asking where she lives, how many Basenjis she has, I have, etc. I meant no disrespect to anyone and will try to learn how to send messages more accurately in the future: I am new! Thanks! Lauma

  • I have no idea who would be offended by you talking to someone in her native tongue. Sometimes, there are words more accurate to what you are trying to say outside the English language. There is no reason you should feel restricted to a single language.

    (PS…those are beautiful dogs.)

  • Houston

    Welcome to all of you..those two are beautiful B's…

  • @Lauma:

    Wo wohnen Sie und wie viele Basenjis haben Sie?

    Ich habe zwei Basenjis und ansonsten 2 Kaninchen (in getrennten Zimmern 😉 ). Wir wohnen in Olpe/Nordrhein-Westfalen. "Sauerland", wenn dir das was sagt 🙂

  • Hi Lauma,

    Nice pictures. Zeenie looks like a sweetheat. Do you mind sharing Ty's registered name? I love b/w basenjis.

  • Beautiful B&W! Zeenie is cute too! 🙂

  • Thank you, all, for the compliments!
    Ty's registered name is Apex Tyvola. He just turned 3 and is recently retired from the show ring. Zeenie is between 11 & 13 and is a BRAT dog originally found in Illinois: I've had her 9 years now and she is an angel (w/ horns, occasionally:rolleyes:)

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