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Mali is a big sister! ![](images/smilies/eek.png "EEK!")

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I love the show "Its Me or The Dog" totally good methods IMO & she uses rewards for good behavior & no rewards for unwanted behavior. This is different from punishment for unwanted behavior. There's no tugging or pulling or touching…she uses sounds to get the dogs attention like an EH EH in a loud voice. My dogs do respond to they know that EH EH means don't go near the window (they like to watch dogs go by & then go crazy!).

Yeah that show is great too, I trained Mali with the "shh…" and the "AHP AHP!" from It's Me or the Dog. That lady does use some CRAZY sounds, remember the episode with the insane husky? That was scary...

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What was the story? I'm curious.

"raising puppies is fun!!!!!" 😃

Lol… as fun as waking up at ungodly hours of the morning can be! But no, seriously, we don't mind.

The story behind the pups is: We're part of a home school group in central florida and through the "loop" e-mail we get every week we saw a family we knew had just had a litter of puppies. There was a problem, however, because the momma had 9 pups and wasn't producing milk properly. The family has 5 children and was having a hard enough time taking care of the momma let alone 9 pups. So in swoop the college kids... (because I mean, what college kid doesn't already stay up until 3am in the morning). A few veteran 4H'ers, a computer geek, and my sister and me.

All and all the puppies are responding great! thanks to your help and the help of our vet they're eating great on their new puppy food, and with vitamins they've found a new energy they didn't have before.

vet said they'll probably have a weak immune system for a while, at least until they're 8 weeks they shouldn't be around new people or new dogs.

So we're having fun! Mali, our 1 1/2 year old 'senji just loves all this activity...
she's like

"I wanna hold the baby, touch the baby, love the baby..."

lol, anyway. thanks guys for your help!

(Mali's mommy)

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Wow it is bushy, but really a beautiful dark mahogany color.

My wife was taught by our breeder. There is an art to it. She uses human hair sissors and cuts sideways on/ with the tail fur, slowly and gently trying not to hack it up. The tip is tricky- she kind of feather's/ layers it to make it look natural. It's easy to trim the black blending fur too much.

She also trims his orange fur on his thighs, near his butt.

lol, totally off subject but I love the Naruto headband on the 'senji! Absolutely awesome… they kinda remind me of little trouble making ninjas...

(Also the invader zim t-shirt is awesome..)

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I have used Cesar's "Shh…" meathod on my Mali and she responds great.

When she's doing something bad I just step towards her and very forcefully make the "shhh.." sound and she knows to stop.

I guess it just depends on your Basenji really...

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We've got a 4 week old lab mix puppy from a litter of 9 who were abandoned by their mother. Our friends have the other 8 and we are all working together to keep them fed.

We've talked to our vet and are giving the 8 and Dakota (our puppy we're taking care of) softened puppy chow but I'm afraid they're not getting all the nutrients they need. Can you suggest anything?

Thanks a million guys! Let's give these guys a fighting chance.


(Mali's mommy and Dakota's aunt)

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What a lovely tribute to Bandit - I got all sniffly reading it and will never be able to hear Africa the same way again. Hugs to you!

I bawl my eyes out every time I hear Africa, when it comes on the radio I have to turn it….

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I was looking at an Italian Greyhound site today and stumbled across the story of an Italian Greyhound named Faith. When she was a pup she broke her neck… it's an amazing heart warming story of a sweet puppy and the miracle she is!

If you wanna read the story it's at the link below...

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My hamper is in the closet and I ALWAYS have to keep it closed… I learned from my first B... if you value your undergarments and personal dignity you'll put all trash cans and hampers in a closet or behind a closed door if you don't like them displayed all about the house...

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AWW!! I can't wait to seeee!!!

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Ahhh yes…Lexi! I saw her on Dogster! ^^ She's a real beauty queen... atop knotch fashion expert there with that tutu... love it!

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