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head is all wrong for a purebred, but suspect a mix of something. Does she bark?

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also look at events listed on the CKC web site under lure coursing and on the CASFA site. I know the ontario club runs near niagra falls several times a year.

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Puppies need more food than adults. On a grain free diet, fromm, tast of wild etc, dog eat less as its more nutritional. I have all mine on a diet now as they were gaining too much wt over the winter on their normal 3/4 cup at night, at 1/2 I am seeing a wt loss in my biggest boy. My old boy is losing too much weight, so I had to adjust him back up. Mixing vegetables in is a great way to get them to loose wt if they will eat it, mine pick out the kibble arount the veggie and opt to go hungry vs eating those nasty green things.

If you feel cush vs ribs when you grip thier sides, the dog is too fat. You should feel sleek muscle and ribs down thier sides. Mine are only too thin when their hips show.

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He is adorable, Elliot has waited a long time to get a playmate.

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You may want to volunteer as a foster for BRAT, they are always getting dogs in that need to be homed. I saw a post of three that need immediate pickup from Amarillo TX today. I was a whippet foster a few months ago and adopted her despite her severe PTSD. Could not bear to see her go through more trauma being shuttled to another home after the horrific upbringing she had.

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There are many adults with breeders who are placed in homes after they finish their championship, especially males as a breeder only needs to keep so many males to continue the lines. These dogs are used to traveling in cars to shows, being quiet in crates and adapt well to a single dog house. And they are fully health tested which is VERY IMPORTANT.

My basenjis scream at the top of thier lungs when I at at training class with them and I am working one , the other is very unhappy to be crated. Rescues come with thier own set of troubles, key of which is that many rescues have not been health tested for Fanconi using the direct DNA test. Do not get a dog unless that test is done first, you want to know if there is a possiblity of your dog developing fanconi later in life, I would also say the PRA test for blindness is a must as there are so many blind basenjis out there too. Basenjis will live to 16 years or more, you need to be prepared to support them that long, and knowing health issues down the road is important. too many people get rescues, then find out they cannot financially handle the many health issues that crop up, many of which could have been avoided by getting a dog from a reputable breeder.

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and for what rock creek charges for an unregistered dog, you can get a fully registered dog from a reputable breeder, key is to get on a waiting list a year out.

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Websites are very misleading. If the registered names of both parents are not able to be located in the OFA data base proving health testing was done, they are a BYB or puppy mill and you should run in the other direction. should be the first place any buyer goes to verify what the "breeder" is telling them is true.

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