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At home in the heart of the Congo.

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She is cute as a button! Enjoy her for who she is (not what she might be).

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Sammm, are you the first placement home for Laika? It would be good information to know whether her breeder attempted previous placements for her and what happened there. This group is great about helping find solutions. Hang in there with her!

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I've just seen on FaceBook a new group dedicated to the American Basenji Club, which is the breed parent club for UKC.

Those of you on FB who are interested in UKC, here is the link :!/AbcAmericanBasenjiClub

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Does anybody read and/or purchase the breed specific magazines sold in most pet shops and pet supply stores? For example: Dog World, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, Dog Fancy.
When you got your Basenji, did you seek out information about the breed in any of these kinds of magazines?
Did any of these magazine have any value to you when you were looking for information about Basenjis? If so, in what way?
Do they now?

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She is really beautiful! Who are her sire and dam?

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That is so cool! What is the app?
You could do so much with that. What fun.

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I thought some of you might enjoy this little clip taken this morning of my Paya (AKC registered basenji : Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya) watching the Oscar nominated short film - "Adam and Dog" (film by Minkyu Lee).

I'm sharing my video because I think it is sort of ironic that my girl Paya (6 years old) appears to be totally engrossed in this little video.

I won't even begin to go into all the things that are wrong with this depiction of the "first dog."

But my Paya, who was born in the very heart of the Congo, seemed to be rather perplexed by the new theory of dog domestication.

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Wonderful news! Huge Congratulations!

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Superb! Thank you for all your efforts and for keeping us informed. You are paving the way to a better life for so many.

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