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Hi & welcome Nikol!

I agree, basenjis are rare here (Croatia, Slovenia etc), but we do have them, and we even have few kennels and planned litters (just not for this year). πŸ˜‰

I hope that we'll meet one day, we are not so far away from each other πŸ˜‰

(just short welcome greeting in Croatian πŸ˜ƒ - dobrodosla i pozdrav od Rijecanke koja zivi u Ljubljani i od njezine basenjike)

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from K locus we got:
Kk (and again Kk) - 1
kk (and again kk) - 2

from A locus we got:
YY - a
Yy (and again Yy) - b
yy - c

1 + a = 1a (Kk YY)
1 + b = 1b (Kk Yy)
1 + c = 1c (Kk yy)
2 + a = 2a (kk YY)
2 + b = 2b (kk Yy)
2 + c = 2c (kk yy)

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tri factored black dog - Kk ayat
tri factored red dog - kk ayat

Use punnett square for K locus and another punnett square for A locus:


So, we have Kk (twice) and kk (twice)

A locus:


We got ayay, ayat (twice), atat

Than put both, K and A locus, together (every K result with every A result):

Kk ayay - black
Kk ayat - tri factored black
Kk atat - tri factored black

kk ayay - red
kk ayat - tri factored red
kk atat - tricolor

Or, with your letters:
tri factored black dog - Kk Yy
tri factored red dog - kk Yy



And than again, put all together:

Kk YY - black
Kk Yy - tri factored black
Kk yy - tri factored black

kk YY - red
kk Yy - tri factored red
kk yy - tricolor

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I think R is here only to make difference between "r" (tricolor) and "R" (red). Just way of writing.

This link could help you πŸ˜‰

For basenjis is enough to know about K locus and A locus. Black and brindle are on K locus, red and tricolor are on A locus.

Black is "the most dominant", than brindle/trindle, red and at the end "the least dominant" is tricolor.

If your "R" is for red and "r" for tricolor, your BbRr should be the same as Kk ayat (I suppose πŸ™‚ ). This is tri-factored black dog who can produce black, red and tricolor pups.

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Once I had similar problem, I couldn't stop diarrhea with usual diet food (chicken etc.) and I gave to my bitch Hill's i/d ( After few days, she was OK and she started to eat normal food, without any problems.

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but they don't necessarily want any crazy non-Italian-speaking tourist petting their dog and taking pictures

You'll never know if you'll not do it πŸ˜ƒ

Maybe you can ask on italian basenji forum if there is any basenji owner from Bologna who would like to met you πŸ˜‰ (I know only one breeder from Venice, but in Bologna I don't know anybody)

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Congrats! He is very cute boy!

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I found this about him:

And for example some results from Finland from 2008:

I hope that this will help you (at least a little:D ).

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I have O'Tom for removing ticks and it's really great! (Lisastewart, do you have same tool?)

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