Living as cats and dogs

Doesn't need to be cruel as they sometimes say…

Mommy, you can take a picture BUT:

He is already mine….. 😃

These are really great photos Kim!!

Thank you Dan!
It?s such a sweet couple

Buana, you have the best pets!

Awwwwwwwww! Love it! :p:p:p
Great pics!!!

They look so cute together.

Proof that basenjis and cats can get along really well. Great photos!

My last 2 Basenjis and my cat did well together. Buddy does not understand why cats on our walks don't want to play with him. He tries to tease them into play but of course it's hissing or run away. He stands there wagging his tall as the cat has a hunched back. 😃

who says stripes and spots don't go together?

Wonderful pics! What kind of cat is that?


Kim, wonderful pets, wonderful pictures. Boy they sure proved everybody wrong..instant bond.


Wonderful pics! What kind of cat is that?

It's a Bengal cat, a cat that is still a new breed (they mixed it with the wild tiger cat)
It has a bit the same caracter as a Basenji 😃

They are just gorgeous!

I love the second photo where he is licking the kitten! Too sweet!

My girls have learned to leave the cat alone, pretty much, after scarring has occurred. Gemma though, keeps trying to get her to play - she makes noises and goes down in front of the cat, who of course, hisses and swats her a good one - she has more fur than Shaye, so she has some protection, but I swear sometimes that cat eggs her on, lying right next to her favorite toys, etc., so Gemma can't get to them. It's funny to watch.

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