• this is Bear the Boston/lab and Art Boston/IDK they both have the same mom but are from to different litters with two very different dads

    I think he is part basenji because of his build and curly tail. He also doesn't make any noises at all when playing with over dogs. Some times it can get him into trouble because the other dogs don't know when he's had to much

    he loves to out run much larger dogs to make them feel bad

    But sometimes he isn't the most graceful of dogs

    Please let me know what other types of dog you can see in art.

  • He is very cute, could maybe have some Basenji, but there are many different breeds that have tails that curl over the back. Any of the artic breeds, like Akitas has tails that curl and are built like he is… but all are welcome here

  • What ever the mix, he is a cutie…wow! that is some photo of the 2 dogs snarking.

  • Welcome to the forum, you have two nice Dogs. It's possible Art has some Basenji in him looking at the head shot.

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