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Echoing what Sally (and Liz McCargo) has suggested re: not spaying/neutering, at least at this young age.
There's a very insightful and thoroughly informative booklet by the "Puppy Culture" founder on the subject. It is chockful of the latest scientific/medical/genetic research and also takes into consideration the social "pressure" of neutering/spaying one's pet.
(BF should read a few pages if he prefers facts to oft repeated false tales)

Whether to neuter/spay is an important decision and so is its timing should you decide to have the operation.

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@tanza said in Rescue dog prey drive!:

... One time many years ago at an indoor show, there was a person that had a "pet" squirrel in a crate... this critter got loose and ran through all 9 indoor rings.... and you could say "no" to your were blue in the face, they wanted that critter... and honestly that was for all breeds, not just Basenjis...

Did the squirrel survive its suicide escapade?!!!?
What owner thought that was a splendid idea to bring a squirrel to a dog show? What fear the critter may have felt the whole time in its crate.
Still... 🤣 for the imagined chases!

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Be well and stay safe Karen. ❤ Jax is in the best possible home in the meantime.

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So wonderful they are getting along.
Our girl just turned 8 and we should be making plans soon to add a younger pal to keep her on her toes!

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May your grief and sadness melt with time, and may the good memories bring you comfort. 🌈

Did the lab results show anything?

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@italeigha said in Considering a Basenji. Thoughts?:

@adina Thanks so much for this. The breeders we are looking at seem to have all those boxes checked and we found them through AKC. We are hoping this is surely a trusted source...

Alas, AKC lists breeders who have paid to be listed. There is NO vetting. Please apply due diligence in choosing your breeder.
You should spend almost as much time researching the breeder (and the sire and dam) as you have the breed of dog. The breeder can let you know much of the pup's temperament and potential character.
Good luck.

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Whatta "bute" ! 💃
And a rare non-tri from Stella, haha. CONGRATS!

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Whatta looker!!! 😍
Keep us posted.

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THANK YOU for this!!!! 😎
Snazzy outfit, Ms. Fonzarelli!

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