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Also, Bryan Gregory of Jumoke Basenji had a 5-yr old female to place. Best wishes.

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It's shocking this thread has been revived.
Even more jaw-dropping the 174 replies/comments therein.

At the risk of sounding ignorant (given so many deleted posts) or heartless or both: does Declan exist?
How come no one asked a BRaT Rep. to weigh in?
Has BRaT at least confirmed this fostering placement?

Given the many "unfortunate" verbal volleys, how could BRat have allowed Declan, if he exists, to remain in this particular foster care for so long?

Perhaps I am too naive. I sure hope this was a case of Dog-fishing, e.g. canine Catfishing.

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Also, you may place a request with FB BASENJIS For Sale: Golden Opportunity

I've seen more availability on East Coast and in your area. The moderators are very helpful.


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Hi JoAnn,

The basenji Sisters have two females in California. You write abd discuss...?
Let Julie or Kathy know I gave you the info.

Good luck.

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Hello, we are in the Los Angeles area and looking to adopt an adult B.
You can also go through the Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue,

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