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Welcome to da club!
We had to search storage for her (re-usable) diapers 🙄

BTW: it's sporadic just to keep us perplexed. She had 2 seasons about 3 years ago; only one in 2020.

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@sakuhn62 said in Real Breeder:

Not wanting to start a argument, some people just cant afford a Basenji of the quality that you breed and sell. With that said I always have my Basenjis fixed not to have puppies and I do not breed I only LOVE Basenjis

I haven't met, known or run across a reputable AND responsible breeder who has a different price for a show puppy vs. a quality puppy vs. a companion puppy. In fact, many of these breeders state emphatically that there is ONE price for the puppies regardless.

Here are some insights from Sarah Lindenbaum (longtime member of Basenji Rescue and Transport, aka BRaT):
"A lot of potential puppy buyers panic when they see these figures because that's a lot of money. It's understandable to want to find a better bargain elsewhere, because after all, you're looking for a pet and not a show dog, right?

Except that's probably the biggest myth out there about a responsibly breed dog--that you're paying for a fancy pedigree and show potential that you don't need. Breeders who participate in show typically keep just one or two puppies for show. The rest go straight to pet homes.

What you're actually paying for is thorough health-testing of the mom and dad: Fanconi syndrome, PRA, hips / elbows, thryoid, and eyes. You're paying for extensive socialization that can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks so that your puppy comes home with the best temperament possible and acclimated to things like nail trims, teeth-brushing, and being handled by the vet. You're paying for routine puppy vet care. Also, you are paying for a support system that lasts the entire life of your puppy, which is 13-17 years on average. If you have questions about training, breed traits, spaying / neutering, etc., your breeder is going to be there to answer them so you're not left guessing. Your breeder will also take that dog back at any point during its life if there's ever any reason you have to rehome it. When our first basenji died in 2015 at age 17 -- her breeder was the first one I emailed about her death, and her words were such a comfort.

Also, even if you can find a basenji for sale in the $900 range, by the time you pay for air shipping ($400-$500), you're back up to $1500 AND you're getting minimal or no health-testing, minimal or no socialization, minimal to no lifetime support, and so on.

So, stick with the sure thing and wait for a responsibly bred basenji puppy to come available to you. "

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@sanjibasenji said in Four Puppy Questions:

Thanks again! Awesome. I like that collar! What size did you get?

With Hurtta collars, size 10-14 works well. There's a little give to the band. That would also give Sanji room to grow into it.
Next size up, 14-18, will also fit an adult or a Basenji with a thicker/larger neck.

Where did you find your padded martinagle?

Alas, that lil' online megastore....
ComfortFlex PetPDC Limited Slip Collar
Size S

[removed copyrighted product photo]

It may not last years but I like that it is soft and flexible, and most likely more gentle on the throat. (our B. walks well but does have her pulling moments....)

Also... please get into the habit of removing the choke or martingale collar at the end of walks. There are just too many opportunities for mishaps, like that dangling ring!

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I tried from size 12 to 16 and size 14 fits best. She's a 24-25 lbs adult.
Size 12 was about 1" short at the tail once the rear elastic adjustment was fully expanded. Size 16: I had to tightly cinch same elastic and it looked a bit long, though that would have been fine.
The best feature is the snood!!!
[copyrighted photo]

We're in sunny California so leg coverage is not as essential. 😁

Yes, it would make sense to wait until the fall if weather permits. The suit is adjustable at many body points so you can probably buy the adult size and tighten the needed areas until Sanji grows into it.

BTW: our coat's color is Lingon and is much darker than pictured. Closer to burgundy shade.

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  1. Is a good brand for a martingale collar for a 4-month basenji?

I alternate between a regular padded martingale and this Hurtta Weekend Warrior Collar. The wide, soft neoprene padding seems to be gentler on her throat when she's determined to pull!

Weekend Warrior Collar

[removed copyrighted product photo]

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Adding my vote for HURTTA
Superb quality and excellent fit for the active dog. Simply a superior product and design.
Try Jeff Bezos' lil' store, warehouse section for a big discount. 😉

(here's a shy girl modeling the Extreme Warmer Parka! Size 14)
0_1620123202851_Inkedshy33 mini.jpg
0_1620122888159_shy 49-2.jpg

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as @donc said

First off, if a vet thinks neutering will change aggressive behavior you should look for a new vet. That is such a discredited myth. If she doesn't know that what else doesn't she know?

When considering whether to neuter, I'd suggest you check out the link below. It has scientific research to dispel many neutering myths.

It's a brief but very thorough booklet discussing the pros and cons of neutering/spaying, more science based than anecdotal.

There is definitely less societal compulsion to spay/neuter in Europe.

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Hi - still not sure why neutering is “bad, bad, bad”? Understand if thats an opinion and thats cool but 100% of every dog owner i know has had their dog spayed/neutered. Seems the responsible thing to do as well?

For reasons in a nutshell and in detail, I'd suggest you check out the link below. It has scientific research to dispel many neutering myths.

Good luck with your decision.

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If on FB, you may want to join BASENJIS in need: Golden Opportunity.
There are some adults looking for homes right now.

And as one of the posts advises:
"Stay patient. A lot of inexperienced people are buying puppies they are ill prepared for, from greeders who do not take their basenjis back.
I suspect in the next 6-8 months we might see/learn of an influx of basenjis needing homes."
Alas.... ☹

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