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Hi El and Pat -
The phone numbers listed came from the breeders' own websites, business listings and/or FB pages.
I would not have listed anyone's private info.

Sorry Genny for having hijacked your thread.

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Also from that region, Jumoke Basenji, Bryan and Laurie Gregory - he is president of BCOA, so you'll be getting top shelf puppies 🤞🏼
A girl was still available last month.

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Hi Genny,
Try Teri Cuzzetto of Takari's Basenjis. She's in Gresham, Oregon and last I heard still has a R & W boy left from her litters. She's on FB if you want to see photos.
She's a reputable breeder and her lines consist of champion show dogs.
Let her know Helen referred you and good luck!

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So very sorry for your loss. 😢
May time bring you solace and smiles from joyful memories.

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Also, is this the link some of you used but having problems due to regions and viewing rights?

If you can view, catch the "not that trainable" B. at 26:16. With that face, he needs not be at all 😆

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Here's a snapshot from the show putting the Basenji first in line before all other breeds.
0_1582442093232_dog tales.jpg

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Also, Bryan Gregory of Jumoke Basenji had a 5-yr old female to place. Best wishes.

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It's shocking this thread has been revived.
Even more jaw-dropping the 174 replies/comments therein.

At the risk of sounding ignorant (given so many deleted posts) or heartless or both: does Declan exist?
How come no one asked a BRaT Rep. to weigh in?
Has BRaT at least confirmed this fostering placement?

Given the many "unfortunate" verbal volleys, how could BRat have allowed Declan, if he exists, to remain in this particular foster care for so long?

Perhaps I am too naive. I sure hope this was a case of Dog-fishing, e.g. canine Catfishing.

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