• This is Daisy. She's just barely over 1 yr old now. When I got her I was told her mother was a Staffordshire Terrier, but not sure about the father.

    As she's grown older I've tried to figure out what she may be and I think I've settled on Basenji. Let me know what you experts think…

    She has two different barks. A normal deep dog bark that she rarely uses, and a high-pitch yelp that she mostly uses to get attention for something.

    She's friendly, but really shy around strangers, until she spends some time around them. She weighs about ~50lbs.

    What do ya think? Is she a Basenji?

  • The wrinkles sure look like a B. 50lbs probably comes from the Staffordshire. No white what-so-ever though…..

  • Could be! The Basenji rescue had some mixes listed and they knew that the mother was a purebred. All four pups looked very different from one another and none of them really looked like Basenjis, but the mom was a known factor - so it's anyone's guess. I agree with Krunzer though - those wrinkles are an indication as are those big ears. Whatever she is - she's adorable!

  • She could very well be a basenji mix. I agree with Krunzer… interesting there is no white on her at all.

    Whatever she is, she looks so absolutely adorable! I love the 3rd picture. She looks so curious about something she is watching. 🙂

  • The one thing that would make me question the Basenji part is the complete absence of white, but I absolutely love the look of this dog! She's gorgeous!!!!!

  • Staffies squeaaals as well, just like a pig. Cute dog, thought!

  • She is very pretty….isn't there another dog on here that looks just like her?? a mix?

  • Yeah I just looked thru the forum….Tagaroo has a dog that looks just like this one.

  • omg… she's so cute - whatever she's mixed with!!!

  • What a pretty girl! Her head/ears/face & wrinkles are Basenji-looking while her coloring & build suggest some Malanois blood–that would account for her size & aloofness, too. Our local SPCA does genetic testing as a fund-raising thing, if you're really curious you could try something like that...

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