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I'm no expert, but I have heard that pads are slow and difficult to heal. I wouldn't think pumice would be helpful as they need those pads to be tough and calloused to handle the rough terrain. If it were my dog, I would think about talking to my vet to find out how best to treat raw pads. Good luck!

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A couple months ago, Taste of the Wild had their second recall due to salmonella in the kibble so I started doing some research to find another brand. I found a good website called Dog food advisor ( that ranks food with very specific information about each including the different dietary varieties, etc.

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Can someone explain why the Advenovirus-1 and Coronavirus should not be given? I was aware that some vaccines should not be given yearly, but didn't know about these specific ones not ever being given. I am embarrassed to admit, I don't know what these are.

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Welcome Dawn!! You'll find lots of good information and advice here. Congratulations on your new additions!

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So, did he catch that toy! LOL! A water Basenji - will wonders never cease? Actually, I got one of mine to lay down in some after after vigorous play on a hot day, but he hardly splashed through the waves. He just kind of plunked down to cool off!

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Great article, TMartin! Thanks for posting!

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The basenji stud book was opened in 1990 to add Native Stock to increase the number of breed founders and increase genetic diversity in the breed.

This was a single opening and then closing of the stud book. In 2008, the stud book was once again opened by AKC at the request of BCOA. This time it will remain open until 2020.

Thanks for the links, Ivoss!!!!

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Somebody posted on the BRAT Facebook page that the original movie had a different, happier ending - the little boys gives up the dog, but is later given one of her puppies. I have never seen this version, but the person who posted this said they saw the original film as a girl when it first came out.

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I find this to be an interesting thread. I don't know a lot about the 'new africans'. I did get to meet Lukuru Lema down at Fopaws when we dropped Tucker off and she seemed to be a little more shy than the others. But she is such a sweet girl.

Could someone explain what the "new Africans" are? I assume it means new dogs brought directly from Africa, but are they recent imports? Are they being brought here to invigorate the breed? Where are they coming from? Just curious. Thanks!

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Thanks! This is really helpful!

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