• My mums lovely labrador Megan went in to be spayed a couple of days ago, a nice, easy, routine op right? Well, during it they found a large lump so decided to remove it and we have since found out that it is a cancerous mamory tumour 😞 Not what we were expecting at all as she is still young. But at least we've caught it early. She has two very large stitched up wounds from the two surgeries though so is feeling very sorry for herself. As my mum was out xmas shopping today I was roped in for Meg-sitting duties, so thought i'd share some very random photos i took today.

    Shall start off with Meg first

    And Logan now, after his bath ready for his show tomorrow. I gave him this chew as a treat for behaving himself, but he just wanted to play with it :rolleyes: So Meg had it instead 😃

    With Chloe, Meg's mum:

    And the puglets:

    And begging to PLAY:

    Some of those naughty puglets!

    (Our "Keeper" is the one looking shifty at the back :rolleyes: )

    And of course, thats our Keeper Rio with the creepy exorcist head thing going on :lol:

    And heres my labrador Riley, who was visiting with me for the day for see his sister Meg:

    He made himself at home!

    And Logan and Pepa who were drying off after their baths:

  • I hope everything goes well with Megan….those pug babies are sooooo precious! I have dog envy

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