Is this dog part Basenji?

Hello all,

I am new to this forum and I have a dog that I think is part Basenji but would like to get your opinions about her. I got this dog from the pound but always wonder what she was mixed with. It displays a lot of Basenji behaviors but she does bark but its a very high pitched. She does a low growling sound when she gets excited or is really happy. Her name is Shelby.


Possible that there is some Basenji. You can do DNA tests on dogs now if you really want to find out

She certainly looks like she could be. How tall is she? What does she weigh? And what does her tail look like?

Does like the rain; water?

With mixed breeds, it's often impossible to tell. I wouldn't see her and think Basenji, but it could be.

DNA testing is still fairly inaccurate for dog breeds, but it's fun.

eeeefarm - She is about 18 inches tall and weighs about 35 lbs. I don't know about the tail. She was a stray dog that I got from the local shelter and the previous owners cropped it so all she has is a nub.

giza1 - Oh no she hates water and the rain with a passion. She hates taking a bath too.

A Basenji usually REALLY dislikes the water.

Another possibility might be Rat Terrier. They do come in brindle, although that colour is out of favour. There is one in my neighbourhood that has a bit of a Basenji look to him, and his tail is very short.......not sure if it's natural or docked.

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