Someone suggested that my dog may be part Basenji
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    We got Caddis around Christmas 2013 that we were told was a Shepard-collie mix and was originally purchased from a Mennonite farm. She is a very happy dog, she "yips" a lot and does this high pitch scream often but she is able to bark. She is about knee-high. Her tail curls to the left (if you are looking at her from behind). Oh and she is a habs fan. I thought you might have some suggestions to look for. The person that told us about Basenji's thought she might be a mix with a collie.


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    First Basenji's

    Yes, she could be, but also X shiba or any primitive breed with a curly tail ! Anyway, she looks beautiful, and I hope you'll have as much fun with her that I do have with my basenji (12 years old, rescued when she was 4 months old). Enjoy that funny girl ! From France,, Tosca and Magali

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