• So the dog park i found has a website and there's a guy that is there every day taking pictures an posting them on line. i went the other day with Tayda and Lenny and there were 2 more basenjis there! A brindle male just like lenny and a red/white just like tayda! They got along famously and did tons of B500s all around the park! They are our new best friends!

    Pics posted here….


    Anyone living in the Westchester, NY area - its great! and unlike other dog parks i've been to, the owners that i've met there are REALLY aware of their dogs and making sure all dogs are in line and everyone is playing nicely. There are a bunch of "regulars" that all know each other and each others dogs and are just a great bunch of folks and pooches.

    I know some B-owners have issues with dog parks, y'all know i've had my share of issues in the past with Lenny being aggressive, but I learned how to manage that, and our 4 trips now to this park have totally positive experiences for all of us!

    Apparently every friday in the summer they have bbq's in the small dog area (that no one uses). Looking forward to that….

    Anyway, Enjoy the pics! "4 Basenjis!" 😃

  • p.s. tayda and lenny have the sweaters on….

  • I am so glad you found a great dog park! A solid group of 'regulars' is wonderful, and really makes you feel safe knowing everyone cares, and will wade in and stop any activity before it turns bad. Finding a great park is a treasure, hope you enjoy many more outings with the kids.
    Anne in Tampa, longtime Dogpark advocate

  • Looks like fun!!!

  • Cool pics! Looks like they're having a grand ol' time!! 😃

  • that is great that you found a super dog park… I think even those of us that have had bad experiences or don't really have one close would "love" to find one like that.....

  • Wonderful pics, looks like everyone had a great time

  • Great pics !
    beautiful B's

  • So cute. Gosh I have been missing the dogpark. Charlie and I went the weekend before Zaire came home. But I am waiting another month and a half before she will be ready to go. We are blessed here in Oregon to have so many really amazing dogparks. Loved the pictures….thanx 🙂

  • How fun 😃 Looks like they all had a great time!!!

  • Hey, tayda and lenny!
    Did you move from Michigan? Isn't that where you lived?
    Joey Q
    (haven't been on the site for months)

  • @JoeyQ:

    Hey, tayda and lenny!
    Did you move from Michigan? Isn't that where you lived?
    Joey Q
    (haven't been on the site for months)

    Good to see you back JQ!!!!:D Howdy!

  • Hey JoeyQ! Yep, moved from Ann Arbor to NY back in October! Lived in Ann Arbor for about 10 years… grew up in the Farmington Hills area. Where are you?

  • Hey Michelle - How wonderful for Tayda and Lenny to find some friends out there at a great park. The pics look like all are having a blast. Keep 'em coming.

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