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"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan."

–Irving Townsend

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Wow…international moves, a litter bred, my first BBED CH and years later...and I return to the forum!

Didn't realize this forum was up and running so strong! 🙂 Good to see that it is still!

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Nomrbddgs: It's not and I will take care to be more careful from now on. It's a sad mistake that we didn't know about until long after I bred Kiya and after Kathy bred Maya.

When I see something is amiss and I know that it is something that is important to be known to a community I make it public. For the remark about ethics that was about -ME- not Kathy. I wish people would try to read the positive in the words not read into things that don't exist.

This got more information to the community about the testing and that is a good thing. Kathy and I have both been forthcoming on information about our dogs.

As for the information posted on my site, I have decided to not breed to any dog that is under age 2 or OFA health tested yes. I didn't realize making that clear on my site was dirty laundry to be aired.

Debra: Do not make remarks on people's character when you don't understand the situation fully. It reflects poorly on you, not the person you insult.

I listened to a seasoned breeder as a new breeder and believed her when she told me that a 1yr old was a good match for my girl. He is a fine dog, I never will say otherwise. I love my puppies and I'm grateful for the wonderful temperament that they have inherited from their parents and the compliments that are showing through from the match.

The issue was that after I made this thread and someone inquired about the puppy's parents and their health I had to discover he was a carrier on OFA and not from the breeder. Perhaps she didn't have enough time to inform me, but I didn't know that and I felt very wounded by this. So yes I made it public. I am all for full disclosure; especially when it concerns health and especially when it concerns the dogs in my breeding program.

If anyone knew anything about me they would know that I am a very caring, concerned dog mom and my puppies are well taken care of. 😃

I have already mentioned that mistakes have been made and further witch hunting is not 'socially savvy' and I ask it to stop.

**Please I ask that this thread go back to the original topic. A very sweet, happy4mo old black and white puppy is looking for a companion home. She loves people of all ages, dogs, cats and even ferrets!

More pictures to come soon! 🙂

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Welcome to the forums! My gang and I here at Haus Annandael in sunny Denver, CO say hi to our neighbor in the north! 🙂

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Actually I was never given the results of him being a carrier. I have no record of it. I was told he was clear before I took Kiya to get bred. I was very adamant that I breed Kiya to a clear male. Am I upset? Yes but I understand that the tests are coming out wrong now, which makes me worry about the future of these tests and future breedings with ANY Basenji.

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Sure! Yes my site just went down and we will hopefully have it back up by the end of next week. Gotta love it when you have to cancel your cards and don't catch up on everything that has automatic payments come out of your account!!! 😢

Eshe is out of White Wind Anpu's Lil Secret x Khani's Two anda Half Men

The mother has a CHIC #, Fanconi Clear, Thyroid normal, Eyes have minor PPM, Hips are Good

The father was too young to have hips done when he was bred…his parents had normal thyroids and good-excellent hips.

The breeder/owner of the sire had informed me that the father was Fanconi clear, I didn't have access to his OFA records. I just went on OFA and he was listed as a carrier. I'm bound by my ethics to disclose that Eshe may be a carrier, but will not have Fanconi! As she is never to be bred, it will never be an issue for further generations. I will now order tests from the OFA to test the puppies I still have access to.

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Yeah it does sound confusing! LOL Actually the 4 aren't Kathy's and none are from my litter. Kathy has one of the reds from my litter. The pup was the stud fee, but I do not think she has any interest in keeping him. I don't get told anything about him anymore and the litter wasn't co-bred so I have no rights to him so honestly if she didn't want to tell me where he goes she doesn't have to. I would hope she would let me know where he goes but again she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to.

Sorry for the confusion!

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Thank you, she is very sweet.

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Welcome to the forums! Everyone here at Haus Annandael say hello from lovely Denver, Colorado USA!! 🙂

My Basenjis are:
Kiya (means Jovial lady) bl/w 7yrs
Lance bl/w 5yrs
Khonsu (Egyptian God of the Moon) bl/w 4mo
Abel r/w 4mo
Kivuli (Swahili for Shadow) bl/w 4mo
Eshe (Swahili for Life) bl/w 4mo
have most of the litter still at home 🙂

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One of the red and white pups Kathy has presently came from my litter…never hurts to inquire 🙂 I'd love to know where he goes!

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