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Savannah is without a doubt dominant, even though bodhi is twice her size !

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We met shay at the park today and she is a beautiful little thing.

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we are up in tampa

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Just to let everyone know , bodhi is doing well, he is back to his crazy playful self . dont think he actually ingested much of the oleander so it got out of his system after a few days. But him going thru all of the bloodwork this week it did bring to or attention a potential kidney problem, that sems to be pre existing . we are waiting on some more test reslts to see what kind of treatment options we have. The support we have received has been great and i want to thank everyone for keeping us in your thughts

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The sunday meet ups here in tampa are great. My boy bodhi has become the "mayor" of the park as he has to play with every dog and human that comes in. He is very independent , so most of his time is spent playing with the big dogs(he gets growled at by the basenjis) he comes by to check in and water up for his next adventure. All the B's are wonderful and we all enjoy ourselves!

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he is looking so fit and slim!!That's it, I am going to get my fat girl to run!

thats one thing that i have never heard him called 😃

he is about 25 to 26lbs at 9 months .

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Bodhi is the B&W at the back of the chase

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