• Rescued from shelter, Im sure she is at least chihuahua, but her curled tail, hatred of the rain and a few other traits, I think she might be half basenji.

    What do you all think? I was told by a dog afficianado that she is probably half basenji. Her ears perk up like a basenj, too

    She is prob. 2-3 years and 8-9 pounds, which leads me to believe half chi.


  • Welcome! She is very cute 🙂 I am not very educated when it comes to these things, but from your pic she looks like she is at least part basenji to me! She actually looks a lot like a miniture version of my Tosca, and she is purebred. Are you enjoying your new dog? What is her name? Is she as mischevious as a purebred basenji?

  • Well, her name is baby, and ive have had her for a few months. She is pretty good, I dont think shes quite as mischevious as a purebred, but she hates the rain and snow! She likes to sleep alot, and anytime i give her a nylabone, she cries and cries and runs around with it in her mouth until she finds a good hiding place.

    Every day I come home, i am greeted with her jumping and jumping and crying. Even after months and months she still cries when I get home. She is wary of strangers usually and other dogs. She will warm up to strangers though.

  • She looks part B to me, but I can't really tell from the pic standing. She has the typical round chi head, but some things about her body, hmmm. Can you get another pic of her standing with her ears up?

  • Yes, I will have to get them uploaded, all I have on the computer is crappy phone pics. She looks part B moreso while standing too!

    She actaully looks very similar to the basenji on the "wikipedia" basenji entry


  • how do I post pictures now?

  • Well it's certanly difficult to tell. I have many friends who own Chis and they are all a bit different when it comes to body mass and weight. We play with a group of three Chis at the park. All of them are purebred, and the smallest one is 3 lbs, while the largest one is 13 lbs and has the curled tail. Either way you have a mighty cute girl there. 😃 cant wait to see more pics. Here is the link to the help forum on pic posting. http://basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=259

  • does this work?

  • @odinsrage:

    Rescued from shelter, Im sure she is at least chihuahua, but her curled tail, hatred of the rain and a few other traits, I think she might be half basenji.

    She is a cutie! From this description of Chis, it sounds like curled tails are not uncommon in the breed.


  • I think she looks like all chi to me 🙂 She's a cutie!

  • Baby is adorable!

    Kiya is a B-Mix - confirmed through DNA testing - with a little Chi thrown in for good measure. She doesn't look very B, but it's all there shining through in her personality!

    From the pictures you posted, Kiya and Baby both have a lot of similarities, although Kiya is a little bigger than Baby, weighing in at 20 lbs.

    If you really want to know what Baby is check out having the DNA testing done by your vet. Our vet used the Wisdom Panel which is the most comprehensive dog breed DNA test on the market right now, detecting and distinguishing between 134 AKC recognized breeds, with more breeds to be added to the mix over time. It normally doesn't cost all that much. We happened to get it done free - the vet wanted to "try it out" for the first time- but I think it is normally around $100-$150. The one thing it has given us is the peace of mind in knowing exactly what mix of breeds Kiya is and that we can keep an eye out for any breed-specific illnesses and ailments, keeping on step ahead of the game to keep her healthy and happy.

  • What a cutie!

  • an even cuter picture! Although her mouth is all cheesed, I think we were playing in that pic.

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