Basenjis are not Chows or Dogue de Bordeauxs... or water dogs :(

All my Chow and Dogue de Bordeaux owner friends... they dress their dogs all the time. They get happy or at least tolerant responses. Nope. Not here. Cara hates me and it shows.

0_1475160719423_Cara 1.jpg

0_1475160728991_Cara Vampire a.jpg

Unlike her brother the Samoyed Merlin
0_1475160770576_Merlin 8.jpg

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Oh my - just look at that face. LOL

Cara went with Merlin swimming (he has neurological damage so he swims to improve leg placement). She said she doesn't think so. What was funny is she walked to the edge, JUMPED IN... the it was like "Oh No I Didn't!!"
0_1476634335729_Cara swim 2.jpg

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