Adopted Very Basenji-looking dog from Africa!

  • Sounds like shes totally a "basenji".

    My mind has been going around in circles trying to figure out of shes a Basenji or if Basenjis are HER. Basically someone brought some of these african dogs to america and just decided what the standard should be and now they have been bred to be true to these strict standards… but of course in Africa there is so much more variation because nobody has been selectively breeding them to the fixed standard...they just evolved to be like that because it suits their environment.... but basically she IS a basenji just not one that has been bred to the guidlines... but on the other hand basenjis are just strictly bred "african village dogs" which is precisely what she IS... so are Basenjis her or is SHE a Basenji??? whoaaaa

    I read an article recently in National Geographic about African Village dogs that says that after genetic testing it was revealed that they are just as closely related to wolves as they are to domestic dogs in developed countries... They ALSO said almost the same thing about Basenjis... that MOST "ancient breeds" are not ancient at all only bred to LOOK ancient... with the exception of Basenjis. Basenjis are closer to wolves than almost any other dog "breed" showing that they truly ARE carrying around ancient DNA... only African Village dogs beat them because they have not been polluted with "dog" DNA along the way.

    Anyways... I know you guys are like actual "basenji" owners and might have known all of that already... but SHEESH i really love Basenjis even more now.... they truly are an amazing specimen of canine evolution retaining all the traits that early dogs needed to survive in the ourskirts of human civilization! : )

    (did i mention im a biologist : o )

    YAY Basenjis!! YAY my dog : )

  • She looks a lovely girl. It's doubtful whether she's a Basenji but she's certainly Basenji-like. There are many dogs throughout the world that are of the same type as a Basenji - not just in Africa. She certainly has many common Basenji traits. How big is she?

    You are certainly right about the evolution of African land-races as to the latest information.
    How wonderful that you've given her a forever home - it sounds as though previously she was very maltreated.

  • Yeah, i think it would be impossible to label her as a Basenji… but its cool to think that they are very closely related. She is 40 pounds... almost twice the weight of basenjis right?

  • @AfricanMutt:

    Yeah, i think it would be impossible to label her as a Basenji… but its cool to think that they are very closely related. She is 40 pounds... almost twice the weight of basenjis right?

    Forty pounds would be an awfully large Basenji! To me, she has Basenji characteristics, but she isn't "square" enough…...her body looks too long in relation to her leg length......or maybe it's just the camera angle?

  • Yeah eeefarm, she isn't boxy enough… its not the camera angle.. shes has a long body and long legs.

  • I think she's probably related to basenjis. Either an ancestor to the basenjis, or a cousin to the basenjis, but not a basenji. I think the closest recognized breed that I know of for your girl would be a basenji. Either way, she's a lovely dog and I hope you two have many, many years together.

  • That's for posting as it is always exciting to see basenjis and basenji-ish dogs from Africa.

    I lived in West Africa in the 70s and many of the local dogs looked like basenjis to some degree. I had one I named Joe who was larger that Bs here but otherwise looked like a basenji. Joe was a great watchdog for other dogs but liked almost all people he met.

    It is hard seeing dogs and other animals who live among people who have so little as life is tough for all. In my village (I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Segbwema, Sierra Leone) people did not have clean water or electricity and very little health care. In the hungry season (when the rains first came in July-Sept) food was very short and people died from malnutrition and hunger, especially young children. So the dogs had for the most part to fend for themselves and most had worms and skin disorders.

    I have been reading about dogs and cats being rescued from Iraq and Afghanistan and am impressed with how far people will go to save animals. Let's hear it for the human spirit!

    Merry in Columbus

  • Her eyes really stand out with the dark fur, very striking. Kudos to you for bringing her with you.

  • I agree, Segbwema.. These rescues warm the heart to the human race . Africanmutt is one of these wonderful people. (I hope Lalita doesn't read - I'd hate to think she knows she's been described as a mutt!!!). How about Ethiopis Canis?

  • Thank you all for your kind words! It almost brings me to tears of joy right now to see her laying in the grass by the pool on a beautiful sunny day in California and knowing that shes gonna be OK. Of course I wish I could have done more for more dogs in her village (I DID help bring 2 of her puppies to the US though, they have arrived safely in Colorado today!)

    Segbwema, I know what you mean about the dogs having to fend for themselves… The village where I lived for 8 months didn't have any running water or electricity... so it definitely put things in perspective! Right now Laliti and I are BOTH feeling like we've won the lottery : )

    Patty, yeah I hope Laliti doesnt take the word "mutt" the wrong way : )

    I think I'd pin her to look a lot like a Basenji/Black lab mix.... (obviously shes not mixed with any lab, but just for the sake of describing her appearance) because she has a diluted Basenji appearance with a larger body and a thicker coat like a black lab....

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