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Her body looks like my beagle am staff mix. I think maybe a
Staffordshire basenji mix.

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My B mix DNA doesn’t have Basenj specifically but they are in the 25% group DNA. His DNA showed he had 62.5% long haired big dogs and he’s short haired medium size at 32 lbs. Our Beagle mix with clear beagle markings didn’t have beagle listed either except in the same 25% group DNA but the 50% Am Staff was spot on.

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My dog pulled a lot too so I asked in the pet store and they guided me to a harness that is hooked onto the leash in front of him under his chin on his chest instead of on top of his back which they said encourages them to pull. It has worked wonders and I know longer have sore shoulders, arms and hands at the end of the walk.

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I know Terry Reed is a breeder near Houston and currently has 2 litters. She also shows her basenjis. She was recommended when we looking for a Basenji when ours crossed the Rainbow Bridge last April. We ended up rescuing a mix instead since we didn’t want to wait but had no reservations about getting a puppy from her if we needed.

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Too bad you live up north. I live in Houston, Tx and am looking for a companion for my Basenji mix. He is lonely since we lost our other basenji mix in April. She was my cuddle bug and he is the stand offish B. I am retired now and we walk a lot and go to the dog park.

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Colorado is too far for me and I want to be able to pick up the Basenji instead of having someone else transport him/her. Thanks for the info though.

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Thanks! I totally get having issues to deal with. I hope all gets better for her and will patiently await for her reply.

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We lost our beloved Lexi a month ago, leaving us with a hole in our hearts and our basenji mix boy without a companion. He has had a companion since birth and is lost without a playmate. I have applied to BRAT and Camp Basenji. I have gotten welcome emails from BRAT but nothing from Camp Basenji. There is a BRAT in Texas but he would not be a good fit for us. We are not looking for a senior dog having just lost our 16 year old. We are looking for a cuddler who is house trained and gets along with other dogs as we go to the dog park frequently as well as grand pup sit for our sons when they go on trips.

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