Do I look like a basenji?

Go Into my profile, look at Kody Album. What do you think i am? DO I look like a basenji?

Could be. It would help if you have the dog stand straight into the camera and then a full side view.
But its a lovely dog, whatever the breed.

I absolutely see resemblance. He may or may not be, but I can see something there 🙂

He's a great-looking dog!

I think he looks like a yellow lab-Basenji mix. Some pics look very basenji– others look more of the mix. Super cute though!!

Welcome, I think there may be basenji in that dog! Funny thing that struck me is the legs look very basenji-ish and there is that bigger chest then the smaller stomach area (the "S" shape), and of course… the markings. I would love to see a close up of the face!!! BTW, barks or NOT???

He didnt bark when i first got him, or make a noise, got him from the humane society. we have a shepherd husky at home and when he started barking two weeks later it was a mimic. we couldn't tell the two dogs a part. now that he is older its easier. But he makes some of the funniest noises. Doesn't bark much. Mostly talks, whines. Talks and makes the funniest noises when he is playing. never heard a dog make. Highpitched when he is playing. low pitch when he is frustrated.

There was a person in Illinois that bred a litter of collie and basenji - a few of them have turned up in the midwest.

Wonder if that is a piece of the answer.

I got mine from the wisconsin humane society. He almost died of parvo. I don't know if he had other litter mates and they were already adopted a month before him or if they didn't make it. I forgot to ask that. but they didn't say.

Parvo is a tough illness. Glad your baby made it.

Where in Wisconsin are you?

This would have been some previous litters - but they looked a lot like your guy. Although if you want to see some other dogs that look like your guy. Go to this site.

My other breed - but there are very few of them and doubt any have 'gotten' away.

I have loked at podengos too, however, kody has the same marking under his skin like basenjis do, i don't think podengos have that. unless i am confused. the dog that I have seen closest to him was a wild dog in india.

I don't know if basenjis and podengos have the same eyes. but when I look at pics of grande podengos they have the EXACT eye collar and shape as kody, he is also kind of lean and muscular, just like the description, ears, just he has tan spots on the whites of his legs and dark spots on his skin, and I don't think podengos have that, just basenjis.

I think this is the cutest picture of him…:D

He looks part Basenji to me, I am not an expert but it is MHO! Very cute!

My humble opinion.

He sure is cute! I especially like the picture of him with his nose in the tube. Pretty funny. Is that a doggie day care facility? If so, it looks like a neat place.

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