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I've found a relative of Kai's… on this forum!

bellabasenji also has a B from the breeder we are getting Kai from:D

I am sorry to have caught up with this discussion so late. I have not been on the forums for some time. I do think our dogs came from the same "breeder." I love my girl and she was a gift to me from my husband. She was purchased from a pet store. She is a BYB dog, I discovered after some research. I haven't had any trouble with fanconi yet (hopefully not ever). Bella does have a luxating patella, which is nearly always inherited. Good breeders know better than to breed dogs with this defect… I would not purchase a basenji through a pet store or BYB again, knowing what I know now. I would go through a reputable breeder or rescue group. But I still wouldn't trade her for the world!

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Sounds like he is doing great! I can't wait to see pictures!!!:D

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Ohhhh, I can't knit… I'm talking about the other one (I CAN Sew)! I'm glad Tayda is doing well! I hope the kidneys check out good, I know that UTI is common in fanconi dogs...

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He looks adorable, thanks for sharing the up close pic of the coat. I may be able to make this one, it looks fairly easy! By the way, how is Tayda doing on the protocol?

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Awwwww… so very sweet! Thank you for sharing.:D:D:D

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I absolutely love the photo of the two of them in front of the Christmas tree at night!:D:D:D

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Sooooo adorable!!!:)

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You always have such great photos, and the captions are too cool!!!:D

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11 puppies all in one photo, and posed! She is an amazing photographer…or did you glue their little fannies down???
They are all darling.

I totally agree, kinda funny… my son asked if she glued all those dogs together to get the group pics!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D

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It's great to see you on here! I love the work you have done with the database. It has been a wonderful resource for me!!!

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