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BEAUTIFUL little girl! What about Hazel?

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I like the name Violet. Or Clover.

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Mr. Kongo is VERY handsome. And what a great name!

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hahaha, welcome to the club!
I had Shango, my older boy, and wanted to add a second. Everyone thought I was crazy until I actually did! I rescued Newsom and now have a beautiful Basenji duo who LOVE each other and play so well. I can't imagine life with just one….it's absolutely a joy to have two and the other posters are right- the second one does seem to be easier because they have us so well trained from the first! 🙂

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It's been awhile since we've posted, but have enjoyed keeping up with everyone else and their beautiful pups!
Here's the latest of the dynamic duo, Shango and Newsom. Shango is now 5 and Newsom is 16 months. They are a BLAST and we love them very much. Who knew, TWO really are better than ONE!

  • Shango is the smaller boy in the back with more white. Newsom is the big boy in the front!
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HAHA, you got it! That's especially true with Newsom, as well! Boy is he a KISSER! 🙂

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As I've mentioned before, I work at a holistic pet bakery and food store, so Newsom and Shango come to work with me. They're very behaved boys, the customers love them, and they get social interaction with both humans and other dogs.

Today, a very nice woman came in and met the dogs and was very curious about why they were such friend, well-behaved dogs. She turns to me and says: "You're so lucky! Basenjis are usually very mean, agressive dogs."

Needless to say, I was pretty taken aback and upset, but brushed it off.

About an hour later, another customer came in, met the boys, and says to me, word for word, "You must be crazy having two Basenjis. They're such mean dogs."

WHAT THE HELL!?! WHO says that?!

Sorry. I just had to tell you guys. I was quite annoyed! Have you guys experienced any of these stupid kind of comments?

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VERY cute, and I LOVE the name Mambo- any story behind it?

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Yes. It's called "Forbid" - I have used it without success. There may be other brands, but basically, yes, it's supposed to make the poop taste bad. Oh, the irony!

Solid Gold, a leader in holistic pet health, also has a product called S.E.P (Stop Eating Poop) (really!) that is supposed to work very well, too.

I've read somewhere that a possible food change (to one with a more complete nutritional coverage) will also deter the pups from eating poop….

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Sorry for the nature of this post but I wanted to ask "the experts" here!

Newsom is 99.99% potty trained, he doesn't go in the house or his crate anymore and is a VERY good boy about running to the door.

Recently (the last few days) he's been doing something rather gross: he and Shango have an area of the lawn they go to the bathroom in and I've noticed him licking the spots where both dogs urinate! He doesn't eat the grass or anything, but licks it. It's worse when they go outside together, as soon as Shango pee's and runs away, Newsom's over there licking!

Does anyone know what this means? Or how to break him of it?

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