Does my dog look like she has basenji in her?

This is my 2 year old female dog Rocket. I was wondering if she looks like she has Basenji in her? Was told at the pet shop she was staffy x bull terrier.

Her face has really some Basenji looks!

She can sure be a Basenji mix! , how is her caracter?

Nice pics, she looks great!

Thx! She does bark but not very often, she is lazy around the house but then she will all off a sudden have a burst of energy and races around playing with her toys. On walks she never listens to me always wants to run off. She also likes pushing the limits to she how far she can go before I yell at her. She is also like a show pony. Especially the way she walks likes to trot.

Basenji Mix

Another characteristic about Rocket are her long legs - like Basenji. Especially telling to me is the slender rear legs - upper thigh area. She looks like fun - very cute!

thx yeah she can be a handful at times but shes a great dog.
I named her rocket cause she seeks out things she wants and destroys them

I definitely think there is at least some Basenji in there. Her muzzle looks too thick to be pure…how big is she? In the pic where she is biting the big ball, her face (especially eyes) look VERY basenji.

She looks like she has some basenji to me…especially the eyes and the mascara.

Rocket has some obvious physical qualities of a basenji. Especially in the last picture!

The last picture up there reminds me of this picture of Shango,

I see Basenji in her for sure but that last picture makes me think of a Beagle's tail!

How big is she?

She has that wrinkley brow, a Basenji feature. Whatever she is, she is beautiful!!!:D

thx yeah I think she gorgeous.
Here are some pics of when she was 2 and a half months old

Where do u live?. We sold Basenji x pups around 12years ago.

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