Basenji's are lake dogs? Who knew!

  • During our last trip to the lake, we carried our 2 B's in the lake to cool them off (it's over 100 degrees after all!). When we let them go, we expected them to swim ashore as quickly as possible. Much to our surprise, Cairo & Harley decided to swim, swim and swim some more! We were so shocked and happy to see them enjoying the water with the rest of us! And they love boat rides, too!

    We are really looking forward to our next trip with our "LAKE DOGS"! 😃

  • Great pictures! I love the pink lifejacket - we have one exactly like that for Shaye. I believe Cairo and Harley will probably walk into the water when onshore and swim as well. I know Basenjis are supposed to hate water, but both of our girls will go in and swim so long as other dogs are there. Always with the lifejackets on the boat though - kudos to you for seeing to their safety.

  • All of my Basenjis have been swimmers, some more "willing" than others! My first would follow me into the water. My second would jump off the dock to chase water skiers! We had to restrain her, as she would swim quite far in pursuit and we were worried she would either get hit by a boat or get too tired. (she loved water skiers so much that even after we moved from the lake to the farm, the words "water skier" would get her up and looking out the window.) My third and forth would swim, but didn't like it much, and my current boy thinks swimming is an unnecessary evil, although we gave him enough of an introduction to know he wouldn't drown if he fell off a dock. 🙂

  • That is so funny about the water skiers!!! LOL

    What I still don't understand is why our B's don't (willingly) jump into our pool at home. You would think a dog would want to cool itself off when it's 100+ degrees outside!?! Lately with the scorching temps, we've been keeping them in the house with limited time in the backyard.

  • Great pictures of your Basenjis swimming and i love the pink life jacket.

    eeeefarm, your story about the water skiers made me laugh, Basenjis are so crazy, ours chased the sound of a train the other week, fortunately she couldn't get to it.

  • Wow, my b's won't touch the water, unless its in their dog dish!

  • Those life jackets seem to fit really well- where did you get them or who makes them?

  • Houston

    oh what great pictures..awesome..

    Pippin gets into our creek to cool off…sometimes..he has finally gotten why the other three loves the creek..;)

  • Nicky will wade in and lie down if she is hot, at the beach. Eddie would not go in if he was on fire.

  • really cool pictures & a beautiful tri you have. Looks like the kids are enjoying themselves as much as the dog!

  • Adorable pictures! 🙂

  • @Chealsie508:

    Those life jackets seem to fit really well- where did you get them or who makes them?

    Got them at Petsmart. We had to adjust the straps quite a bit to fit their shape. When we first put them on, all they wanted to do was chew on the buckles, but eventually they lost interest and everything's still intact.

  • Prior to this posting, I was led to believe that all basenjis hated the water & swimming. Now I know it just depends on the individual basenji. I will consider myself lucky that both of mine are happy little swimmers. 🙂

    Although I still don't understand why mine love the lake, but won't get in our pool (??) We still throw them in to cool 'em off, but they don't seem too happy about it. My husband's theory is that they don't like the pool b/c it doesn't gradually descend into deep water like the lake does.

  • Your husband could well be right. Yes it does depend on the individual. Interestingly all the tris I've had have liked water but most of the red/whites haven't!!

  • So cute and what fun for them!

    Spencer slipped on a rock once and splashed a leg in the pond. He yelped like he was drowning, B-500ed it away and stared at the wicked pond with great mistrust for weeks afterward.

  • LMAO!!! Spencer sounds just like my dogs!! If it rains, they think they are made of sugar and are going to melt. Becca did jump into the lake after a duck once and I had to yank her out of the water. Then she thought to herself….WTH was I thinking? It was +30 here one day and I tried to get Tucker into the water. Well he apparently thought he could walk on water cause I swear that was what he was trying to do before his head plunged under. That was it for can't get him to a lakeshore at all anymore.

  • Becca and Tucker are certainly more adventurous than Spencer. He wants no part of water– coming from the sky or puddled on the ground. When we're walking, he will screech to a halt in front of a puddle, like he's waiting for it to move.

    Becca and Tucker sound like fun dogs to have around. I saw their pix in another thread, and they are so cute-- bet there's never a dull moment at your house!

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