• These are my 2 B's. The tri color is Danik and he is about 2 1/2 now. The red & white is Colton and he is 2. They are both males and that makes them quite a handful. I know I should have never gotten 2 males but I couldn't help myself. We drove to Kentucky after much dog breed research to pick up Danik from a breeder there. A few months later we were looking around at a Petland and spotted Colton. I know pet shops are full of sick, unhealthy dogs from puppy mills and that is exactly what Colton was. He was greatly under weight and sickly looking. Being that Basenjis are rare to come across and that he was so sick I couldn't help but buy him to save him from his fate at the pet shop. Anyway they are both typical Basenjis but I just can't help but love them!


  • They are cute… thanks for the pictures... you should consider getting DNA tests done for Fanconi... especially for the Petland pup.... and if the breeder of your other has not tested the sire and dam, then for him also... you can learn about Fanconi at www.basenjihealth.org and the DNA test available for Fanconi

  • OMG your dog is rocking that misfits hoodie!!

    awesome! 🙂

  • Very nice pics!

    I like your B's!

  • Nice pups! Colton looks like he has done very well under your care.

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