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It's all good now,

I took my dog out and we both exercised like crazy, he seems happy with me and I'm definitely happy with him.


PS: My dog bit me before I hit him, I think he just didn't want to be taken outside. He felt like I was pushing my alpha state on him and because of that he decided to attack.

But yes, you live and learn and this is sure one of those.

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I'm pretty sure he knew what he did was wrong, because as soon as I saw him he was acting different, giving me the hint that he had done something wrong.

I believe a dog has some memory and you don't always have to catch him in the act to discipline. That's why after the whole thing happened (he biting, me hitting) he was trying to come close to me in a very submissive way. I'm not a fan of rubbing noses into anything, but the perspective changes depending on the setting. That's why I took him close to where he did his mess and not outside for example.

But yea, crate/porch is going to be the ultimate answer to this. It's to bad because I would love him to be inside the house at all times, guess we can't do that.

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Yea, I'm going to have to make him spend more time in the porch (it works like a giant crate so its awesome) I've read a lot about having a dog see you as a leader and I must say I'm pretty sure he sees me as one. He respects my bed, respects my eating time and he has never broken anything inside my room. I believe he sees it as ours, but mostly mine since I can decide when he comes in or not. I can even walk him without the leash and he always follows me. Maybe if he was a really bad dog I wouldn't feel the way I do, I feel like I've invested a lot of time trying to teach this dog manners to have to deal with this.

Thanks for the comments.

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I already came out of my room and he was acting very submissive and such. Still, disappointed falls short to what I'm feeling right now. Maybe I'm expecting to much from him, he's only 6 months old but he already sits, paws, lays down and drops things from his mouth (that one still working on)

He's a very smart dog, and I'm always making sure I reward his good behavior. I really care about him and I think thats whats making it so hard.

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I won't tell you the whole story, but to make it short this morning he destroyed a bunch of stuff inside the house in the 2 hours he spent by him self. Sometimes I leave him in the porch but in the last couple of days he had stayed inside and not broken anything. So anyways after I saw all the wreck he had caused I picked him up from where he was and got him next to the mess he had created and said "you don't do that" (which I'm 100% sure he already knows) Well when I was going to get him to the porch he started growling and complaining and he bit me, it was not a play bite, the cut was deep and it bleed a good deal.

I'm not a fan of physical punishment on dogs but I'm not going to say I didn't do that today. This whole experience I think will forever change my relationship with my dog. I was going to take him to the park today, now he'll be lucky to even get a small walk.

I feel very frustrated, it seems like all the progress he was making before has completely stalled now to the point where he does something knowing its wrong. I know I might catch some heat for hitting my B but I don't think "no bad dog" would have been fit for that. I locked my self in my room because I was so angry and I didn't want to hit the dog more than I felt was proper, but right now I swear I don't even want to look at him.

Eh, not so short after all

EDIT: oops this was meant for basenj talk

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yes my basenji just destroyed a framed picture from France, books and some other papers, and yes that was just today.

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nice, Ill be getting my B some when hes old enough to eat that.

btw, does that substitute a meal?

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he must have behaved so good when you got back home 🙂

nice pics

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wow, looks so big for a 4month old…

do females grow faster than males?

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OMG your dog is rocking that misfits hoodie!!

awesome! 🙂

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