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Please send me your contact information and I will get you in touch with a few people:

As Pat stated - Mtn Springs and All Star are for profit breeders - caveat emptor.

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Looking for an agility basenji? A rally basenji? Or a coursing basenji? Show dog?

Would you like all four in one complete and mature package?

There is a 4 1/2 year old, red and white, male whose owner died unexpectedly earlier this month who has been started in all of the above. I beleive he currently sports 2 RN legs, has his JC, earned BOB in a recent ASFA trial, has been training in Agility and has 5 conformation points.

He is currently with his breeder but will need a home, as will his older kennel mate who I beleive also has a series of titles to her name.

email Chris (the breeder) at:


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Good luck renault1 with your goals/aspirations re: trying your hand at obed/rally and/or agility. It is not rocket scientry. If this dolt can do it, I am almost certain you can too!

Thanks KimMc.

Wizard - the webmaster would very much like to have more courses as well, especially the lure coursing one. My understanding - a person was asked over 1 year ago to put something together and nothing has been done, despite repeated "promises" to the contrary. Unless and until the webmaster decides to ask another person (I personally think they should) - that course will remain undone. So it is not a lack of effort on the BCOA webmaster. Sad, but true and one of the downfalls of relying solely on volunteers. I have learned many people talk a good game but when it comes to actually participating, they are no where to be found.

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If you would like to see basenjis run agility, there will be three basenjis at the Eukanuba Invitational in Orlando Dec. 16,17&18th at the Orange County Convention Center. There will also be a meet the breed booth and there will be basenjis doing conformation too.

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Look up Smegma on google for your answer.

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I didn't realize she had done any testing on her dogs. Thanks for that information.

This is public info Sharron, very easy for you to look up and/or keep track of if you are concerned she is not testing enough. There are currently 27 OFA entries bearing the Avuvi name-of which I believe 7 (or so) are not Marie's.

As for the Avuvi carrier - it is via the linkage test so it too might be a clear via the direct.

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Voodoo, with all due respect I suggest you continue your research. I have been a student of the breed since 1992 and everything I have ever read, seen in picture or watched in video shows the basenji as primarily a dog that drives medium to largish game into the hunters nets. Which would explain the nets the hunters are aleays carrying snd the bells the dogs are fitted with so the hunters can follow their progress.

I am sure when they are not belled they do hunt smaller game for their own survival but i do not beleive that was their primary hunting purpose.

The history of basenjis on the BCOA website is a good place to start. And their are a number of websites which have a lot of basenji history interspersed as well.

Page 255 of The African Giant copyright 1955 had this to say about the hunting dogs he calls basenjis which he was shown "When hunting they wear wooden bells tied round their loins so that they can be followed, since they can not bark. They do not lift their legs to urinate. When hunting big game, I was told their masters prime them with palm wine, but even without it they are most courageous and will attack gorilla or even elephant and lion or bush cow."

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Patty-please note Chris referred to VTW as the primary founder, not THE founder. I think this is an apt descriptor since VTW did so much more long term then Mrs. Burns did.

I think there is a difference in temperament across the many ponds, just as there is a different style of dog due to the emphasis of different things, though the more exportation of the generic American dogs, soon we they will all look alike no matter what country you are in.

I agree with Pat, the stories we have 'cut our teeth' on in the USA talks about how terrible the temperaments were and how much improved they are. We have a number of judges from other countries who also say this to us. That said, I have also heard they are almost too nice now. Its a fine balance for sure.

As for top speeds of basenjis…there was a challenge in one of the 1960 Bulletins from some greyhound folks after some basenji folks claimed their basenji could outrun a greyhound. I have yet to find any conclusion in my reading. I personally doubt basenjis can get up to the speeds some people have touted. This would def. be something I would need concrete proof of before embracing it as fact.

As for jackrabbits, we have those here and as LisaV stated, it all depends on where the jacks are first espyed and how many 'senjis are on the prowl. If anyone googles basenji hunting there is a picture of I believe the Brauns and the many jacks (I believe that is the rabbit featured) they were able to take out wk their two basenjis. That's a lot of rabbits!

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Sorry to be so late jumping back into the fray; I have been busy working, winning PACH points, trying for MACH double q's and getting one step closer, and only one step away, to V's bench championship! Whoo hoo.

Came across this today while updating my iPad. An interesting addition to the discussion of losing the breed's natural instinct.

Chris Maxka, basenji breeder since 1969 had this to say in an article for the (I believe) inaugural TMB (page6/7)

"Another thread of the "natural" basenji" discourse constantly refers to the basenji in the field, doing what it was bred to do, hunt. I would like to point out that basenjis were never imported as hunting dogs, despite what we know to be their considerable talent. They were imported as unique and beautiful, exotic companions, new and unusual additions to the known dog world. Veronica Tudor-Wiiliams, the primary founder of the breed was hoping the barkless feature would make the basenji an ideal apartment dog (well, we know that's not exactly where that one ended up). She saw the basenji as a unique companion, a pet, and therefore the more grace and exotic beauty, the better. Her original selections of imported stock were based on these features, not on hunting ability, and rightly so."

Not saying she is right or wrong, only sharing.

As for neglecting the hunter = fundamentally changing the breed, I am not convinced. We have been breeding towards a companion, show ring standard since the basenji was first exported in the mid 1930's. Luckily we have allowed the importation of native stock which means these hunting instincts one step out of Africa and are being infused into any pedigree that cares to incorporate them.

It is not my experience that the hunting instinct of the basenji is lacking, undeveloped perhaps but that is easily remedied if one chooses to do so - such as what Jeff is attempting. No dog comes out of the womb ready to hunt without any guidance be it from their older brethren or their human counterparts, but they do come out of the womb with the desire, the instincts and the ability to hone the craft. This is why I think the instinct is fine, they just need the fine tuning.

Because there is seemingly very little interest in live game hunting with basenjis (as Jeff says roughly 6 hunters amongst how many hundreds/thousands of owners) I can not see the demand for a hunting/working line of basenjis except by those who like to cross breed to them (Feist's and Decker terriers comes to mind) for hybrid vigor (though Decker has apparently created a new breed incorporating basenjis into the mix).

If we are truly concerned about loss of instinct, seems we as a united fancy need to find a venue that simulates what we think is their primary use in Africa (not how they fend for themselves which by the stories I have heard over the many years of AWOL domestics, is highly intact and is also evidenced by Pat's two killing off her squirrel population or mine who keep our quail and rabbit population in check) which is to drive game into nets, with coursing probably the best we have, or we need to create a venue that best simulates what we feel their true function is and encourage the fancy to participate or barring that I guess we will need to embrace the function the original founders wanted to create, which - if Chris is correct - is to be a unique companion animal; if they lose their instinct, well we have the founders to thank for not wanting the basenji to remain true to its African form. 😞

I personally like a well balanced dog, structurally sound with a bit of an attitude who I know could survive quite fine on their own if necessary but has no need to. I am personally not interested in solely breeding for a unique companion animal which is probably why I want to maintain at least 30% native African in my line of dogs and why I focus more on the performance aspect of the breed.

As an aside, Feigh had a herding instinct test a few years ago, we received a number of compliments and was even encouraged to develop her and try for a herding title in one of the venues that allow various breeds. If only I had the time between breed, obedience, agility, and coursing I would give it, and tracking a more serious nod.

Maybe one day, after I win the lottery and move to a more hospitable area. 🙂

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